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Kevin Aldridge was an influential news reporter from CNB in Washington, D.C. during Day 7.

Day 7 Edit

Kevin was known for his vocal opposition against the plans of President Allison Taylor to use the US military to stop genocide in Sangala. Because public opinion was split on the topic, the President's husband, Henry Taylor, offered to talk to Kevin and persuade him otherwise. Ethan Kanin did not believe Henry was up to the task, but nevertheless Henry met with Kevin. At 8:38am, Kevin defended his position that America should not become embroiled in just another tribal warfare situation, as in Thailand and Malaysia, but Henry asserted that it was different in this instance. Kevin feared that America would get stuck indefinitely, considering that the cycle of violence will continue even after Benjamin Juma is ousted. Henry offered him an exclusive preview of some of the President's later plans, so Kevin eventually agreed to hold off on his story for awhile.

Live appearancesEdit

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