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Captain Kevin Cordero was a U.S. Marine officer that was in charge of security at the United States Embassy in London during Day 9.

Day 9Edit

During the day, Cordero led the team of U.S. Marines that cornered Jack Bauer when he, while in the United States Embassy in London, illegally barricaded himself inside a communications room so that he could upload the data from Chris Tanner's Flight key to Chloe O'Brian. Jack shot two of Cordero's men, which increased his aggression towards Bauer. Cordero was tensely dismissive of Kate Morgan's advice to be peaceful with Bauer since she (correctly) predicted that Jack had good intentions.

Cordero eventually captured Bauer, though since Morgan sneaked in and pacified the marines, he was taken alive. Cordero demanded Bauer hand over the flight key, not knowing that Morgan had secretly kept it on her person.

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