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Kevin Graves was the Attorney General under President Wayne Palmer during Day 6.

Day 6 Edit

During the events of Day 6, an assassination attempt was made on President Palmer and he eventually awoke from his chemically induced coma. Vice President Noah Daniels challenged Wayne's authority as President when he convened the Cabinet, including Attorney General Graves, in order to have 25th Amendment proceedings.

The vote was 7-7. Graves revealed to the Cabinet, much to the President's relief, that Palmer would remain in office because it required a majority vote to unseat him. However, Daniels suggested that Wayne's National Security Advisor, Karen Hayes, had an invalid vote, because she resigned several hours earlier and was never officially reinstated. Hayes argued against this and Graves decided to have the case brought to the Supreme Court. The case was canceled when Vice President Daniels decided not to go forward with the issue.

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