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Kevin Hooks (born September 19, 1958; age 65) was a director on 24 who directed episodes in Season 3 and Season 4.

Biography and career[]

Kevin Hooks was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His father, Robert Hooks, is a director and actor, which exposed him to the world of Hollywood from an early age.

Hooks began his career as an actor appearing in the show J.T. in 1969. After that, he became well known for his role as Morris Thorpe in the TV show The White Shadow. However, since the mid-80's, he has dedicated mostly to his role as director. His work on TV shows is prolific, directing episodes from many popular TV shows such as Without A Trace, NYPD Blue (with Currie Graham, Christopher Amitrano, and Ricky Schroder), 21 Jump Street, Lost (with Daniel Dae Kim), and Prison Break.

As a movie director, he directed films like Passenger 57 (with Tom Sizemore), Fled (with Will Patton), and Black Dog (with Gabriel Casseus).

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