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This article's subject relates to Season 3 of 24.

Kevin Kelly was approached by Sherry Palmer on Day 3 in an attempt to launch incriminating testimony against Alan Milliken.

Before Day 3[]

Twelve years prior to Day 3, Alan Milliken's vehicle struck a car containing Kelly's daughter, killing her. Kelly witnessed the event, but was informed that telling the truth would not bring his daughter back to life, while hiding it would prove financially beneficial. Consequently, Kelly told the police he didn't see who killed his daughter. Milliken then paid Kelly a large sum of money for his silence.

Day 3[]

On Day 3, Sherry Palmer arrived at Kelly's mobile home and discovered Kelly in a disheveled state, under the heavy influence of alcohol. Sherry told Kevin that she had evidence of Milliken's bribery, and coerced him to come clean with his story, and then claimed that a press conference would be held. Kelly insisted that he didn't want money in return for his cooperation, but asked that his son, serving a life sentence for murder, be pardoned in return.

Sherry left the dwelling briefly to call President Palmer, but when she returned, Kelly had vanished and Sherry found traces of blood on the walls. She speculated that Milliken's men had captured and possibly killed him, though his fate is unknown.

Memorable quote[]

  • Kevin Kelly: It was blood money, and I took it.

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