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This article's subject relates to Season 3 of 24.

Kevin Mitchell was the warden of the Downey Holding Facility, where Ramon Salazar was held during Day 3.

Day 3[]

Mitchell was approached by Chase Edmunds, who arrived at the prison unscheduled to question Salazar. The warden was initially unwilling to anyone see Salazar again, since Ramon had already arranged the murder of Luis Annicon from behind bars. However, Chase mentioned the terrorist threat that Salazar's brother was involved with, so Mitchell set up an isolated cell for Chase to personally interrogate him. When Chase promised to leave no marks on Salazar, Mitchell agreed to turn off the cameras (which was against regulations).

When Jack Bauer attempted to secretly break Salazar out, Mitchell noticed an error in Jack's forged paperwork. Jack, already on a first-name-basis with the warden (he had visited Salazar in the past), talked his way out of suspicion. Later, a prison guard noticed a problem after turning on the cameras, so Mitchell investigated, and freed Chase who had been bound in Salazar's cell by Ramon and Jack.

Mitchell assisted Chase during the ensuing prison riot, after Chase gave a fuller explanation of the Cordilla virus threat. Mitchell ordered his officers to stand down according to Chase's decision, as Jack and Ramon fled in a helicopter.

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