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Dr. Kevin Tyson was David Palmer's personal physician during the events of The Game.

The Game[]

Tyson told President David Palmer that he did well in his press conference. Palmer said that he wish he thought so. Tyson said that he sounded like his old self as he began to push Palmer, still in a wheelchair after the attempt on his life, away from his desk. As Aaron Pierce observed, Tyson told him that he was growing stronger every day, and in a matter of time he would be well. Tyson told Palmer that he wanted to help in any way he can, and Palmer thanked him. Pierce took over pushing the wheelchair, and they headed into an elevator.

Later, Palmer watched James Radford's escape from the hostage situation on the news, Dr. Kevin Tyson entered and Palmer told him that his hand was hurting. Tyson looked and said that his hand would take time to recover, but there was a growing problem with his heart. Tyson said that Palmer's body was fighting the medication he received because of increased stress levels. Tyson firmly advised him to make no television or public appearances.

Live appearances[]