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This is a description of Kim Bauer's actions on Day 1.

Day 1[]



Kim talks to Rick Allen.

Shortly after midnight, Kim was at home playing chess with her father Jack. She asked him about whether her mother Teri was still giving him a hard time, and Jack scolded her for her tone. He then sent her to bed as she had school the next day. She retired to bed, telling Jack she loved him on the way. When passing her mother, she ignored the goodnight greeting she received.

Soon after reaching her bedroom, she sneaked out of her window, meeting up with her friend Janet York. The two drove and discussed the two boys they would be meeting for the night, and Janet told her to expect men, not boys. Kim was pleased at this.

Janet and Kim then arrived at Paladio Furniture, where Janet went inside with her boyfriend Dan Mounts. Kim stayed outside to talk to Dan's friend Rick Allen, where she told him she liked to party. Rick grabbed a six pack of beer and led her inside, where Dan put on some music and got the girls to dance. Kim and Janet were amused by the items in the store, especially a statue of a nude man.

At around 12:25am, Kim and Rick went up onto the roof of the store. They talked about how Rick went to San Diego State, and then about surfing. Kim told Rick that her father used to surf, but he died six months ago. Rick apologized for upsetting Kim and then comforted her. Later they went back inside, and there shared a passionate kiss. They searched around for Dan and Janet only to find them having sex in one of the beds.

At 12:50am Rick, Dan, Kim, and Janet left the store and discussed where to go next. Dan mentioned a party at Lacy's, but Kim noticed that her mother had called several times and explained that she had to return home. Rick mentioned that her mom might need her home since her father died recently; Janet was confused, but Kim silenced her before she could expose the lie. Janet didn't want to go home yet, so Rick persuaded Kim to go with them, promising to drop her off on the way. They got into Dan's van.

As the van was passing the turning for Kim's house, she told Dan to turn. He ignored her, and Kim told Rick to do something. Rick simply told her to relax, as the night was just getting started. The van drove into the night.


Just before 1:10am, Kim noticed Janet beginning to cough. She feared for Janet's safety, and warned Dan to stop the van as her father is a government agent. Rick pulled her up on the lie, and then Dan laughed and told her to calm down.

Later Rick told Kim that he and Dan were not really bad guys and everything would be OK. Kim asked if it was a fraternity prank, and Rick said that it was something like that, but then let slip that there were other people involved. Janet suddenly started choking, and when Kim tried to help she was pushed away and held back by Rick. Janet was sick out of the window.

At around 1:55am, the van pulled into a car park. Dan ordered Kim to call her mother and tell her that everything is ok, she is at a party, and she will be home in a few hours. When Kim refused, Dan moved to hit her but Rick reminded him they couldn't hurt her. Dan then picked up a crowbar, and after Kim thought he was bluffing he broke Janet's arm. Kim then phoned Teri and apologized. She told her she was at a party, but she didn't know where she was so would wait for a ride back. She ended the call by saying 'I love you'.

Kim then went back into the van to comfort Janet.


Dan then drove to an airport and parked near to a runway. Kim stayed in the van comforting Janet, showing her broken arm to Rick. He unsuccessfully attempted to bring Dan's attention to her, so Kim asked him to give her something for the pain. Dan replied that he wouldn't waste his stash on her, but Rick got some out anyway. There was an altercation between the two of them, before Rick heated up some heroine. Kim protested, but Rick told her it would take away the pain. Kim watched as the heroine was injected into her friend's arm.

At 2:30am, Kim saw that both of their captors were standing away from the van. She desperately tried to sober Janet up and alert her to their predicament, telling her that Dan broke her arm. The two exited the van and hid behind a plane, watching Rick and Dan. As a plane was coming into land, Kim dashed across the runway, pulling Janet behind her. Dan and Rick noticed and gave chase, but were slowed by the approaching plane.

Kim and Janet then ran to a back alley, where they hid from their pursuers. However they interrupted a male prostitute with a businessman, who then left the alley. The prostitute (Larry Rogow) then angrily confronted them claiming they had lost him money. Rick and Dan then appeared, and Larry directed them away from the alley. He then took Kim and Janet's possessions and left. Kim went to leave the alley but saw an approaching man, so her and Janet followed the prostitute through some iron sheeting.

Later they were still hiding in a warehouse. While searching for a way out, they stumbled upon the prostitute's living space. After refusing his offer of scoring some dope, they asked him for a phone, but he didn't have one so told them to leave. They also asked for an alternative exit, but again there wasn't one. After explaining their situation to him, he simply replied 'welcome to the neighborhood'. He shouted at them to leave, which they swiftly did.

While still hiding, Kim and Janet noticed Dan enter the warehouse. He claimed to be able to smell their perfume, but whilst searching through crates Kim took the opportunity to sneak past and escape. They ran down the alley and bumped into Rocco, who was on the phone. They asked to use his phone in exchange for the promise of money, but he refused. As he started to get aggressive with the girls, Larry Rogow suddenly attacked him with a plank and threw Kim his phone. Rocco started beating up Rogow as Kim and Janet ran off, while Dan and Rick appeared again. The chase continued.

Kim and Janet then reached Platt's Auto Body and hid behind a truck. She called her mother and told her that they had been kidnapped and they were somewhere in North Hollywood. Teri told her she would come as soon as she could, but Kim had to run as Dan and Rick came close. The two girls ran into a street where Janet was suddenly hit by a car. Distraught, Kim went to help Janet but was grabbed by Rick and Dan. Screaming for her friend, she was dragged back by her captors.



Kim tries to convince Dan to go back for Janet.

Kim was then dragged back to the van. Dan told her to be quiet, but she begged for them to go back and help Janet. Dan said she was dead, but Rick told Dan to take it easy. There was another disagreement between the boys.

At around 3:20am, Dan was driving the van again. Kim pleaded with the boys to go back for Janet as she might still have been alive. Dan then pulled over and said that Kim had a point - if Janet was still alive she could have ID'd them, and they needed to shut her up for good. This drove Kim more hysterical, and Dan gave Rick duct tape to keep her quiet. After a struggle, Dan mocked Rick, who responded by slapping Kim across the face and tying her up. Dan drove back towards Janet.

At 3:35am, the van approached Janet's body on the road. Kim, with tape over her mouth, silently pleaded to Rick to do something. He attempted to convince Dan not to kill her, but Dan merely put his gun out of the window in preparation. As they drew nearer to the body, an ambulance appeared. Rick shouted and Dan was forced to swerve away, missing his chance to kill Janet.

At 3:55am, Dan had parked next to a tower building. A car approached them, and Ira Gaines exited. He asked about Janet, and then if Kim had been any trouble. Rick defended her by saying she was no trouble at all. Gaines then explained that Kim was with her, and that if she behaved she would be released in a few days, but if she didn't then she wouldn't.


After around ten minutes of waiting in the van, Kim was then led to Gaines's back seat. He told Rick and Dan to meet him at a compound, and then set off himself with Kim.

While on route, Gaines was talking down a cell phone at a red light. Kim took the opportunity to attempt to get the attention of a nearby truck driver by kicking the window. Gaines quickly hung up and then pointed a gun at Kim, stopping her. He then swerved into a side street and pulled Kim out of the back seat. Despite her protestations he put her into the trunk and slammed the lid down.

Just before 5am Kim and Gaines arrived at the compound. The trunk was opened, allowing Kim to gasp for some air. She witnessed Gaines interrogating Dan about Janet's fate, and she learned Janet was alive and at a hospital. However then Gaines suddenly shot Dan in the chest, and Kim looked on in horror.


Kim was then untied and let out of the trunk. Gaines came over and told Rick to bury Dan, and Kim told Rick that he was in as much danger as she was. She attempted to convince him that they both needed to escape, but Rick did't listen.

At quarter past 5, Kim was helping Rick to dig a hole for Dan. Rick told her that he didn't know what he was getting into when he agreed to kidnap her.

Just before half past, Gaines came over to the two of them and asked Kim to follow him. He told her not to bring the shovel unless she was planning to use it on him. She defiantly stabbed the shovel into the ground and obeyed. She was taken to Gaines's computer room.

At 5:50am, Kim was allowed to speak to her father over a microphone. She only managed to utter a few words before she was pulled away. She was then taken back out to Rick as he started to cover over Dan's body with soil. She began helping him again, and they finished burying the body at 6am.


A little while later, Rick and Kim washed up at a nearby sink. She told him again that he would not be able to walk away from this, and now that Gaines no longer needed him he would probably kill him. She asked him to help her escape. Rick just walked away.

At 6:30am, Kim went into a cabin. Rick entered, after asking Gaines for his money and being refused it. He told Kim that he realizes he does need to escape, and started planning their getaway on the floor. Suddenly there was a knock on the door from Eli Stram, a guard at the compound. Thinking quickly, Kim pulled Rick on top of her to make it look like he was attempting rape. Eli was convinced by the act, and gave Rick 4 minutes to finish up. Kim then apologized for hitting Rick, and he tells her that he will leave the door unlocked and meet her later.

Rick walked out of the cabin at around 6:45am. While he distracted Eli, Kim sneaked out of the cabin. Rick managed to persuade Eli not to go in for a piece of her himself, and then told him he had to go back for his keys. He met up with Kim behind some crates and they waited for the right time to make a run for it.

Just before 7am, Kim and Rick reached the perimeter fence and dug a hole under it. As they were about to escape, Kim noticed her mother being dragged into the camp. Not wanting to leave her mother to face Gaines alone, she told Rick to go himself and call someone, as she was staying. As they hesitated, Rick saw a guard approaching and so escorted Kim into safety. He told her that they had blown their only chance to get out, and then they walked back to the cabin.



Armed men prepare to kill Kim and her mother Teri.

Kim waited in the cabin until 7:10am, when her mother was led in. They were both thrown through a door into a hay barn adjacent to the cabin. They hugged, finally being together after their relative ordeals.

Teri asked Kim if she was ok, and she in turn asked about her father. Teri then asked about the boys that kidnapped her, and Kim told her about them. They caught up on the night's events. Kim fell asleep at 7:30am.

At 7:50am, Kim was awake, and Teri told her she loved her. Kim picked up fear from Teri, and asked if something bad was going to happen. Teri denied it.

Just before 8 Eli entered with Neil, another guard, and they pulled Teri and Kim out into the yard. Kim and Teri knew they were there to kill them, and pleaded with the armed men. They were kneeled down, holding hands, and guns were pointed at their heads. However a radio call to Eli from Gaines called off the executions, and the women were led back into the cabin, crying.


Kim and Teri were then taken back to the barn and locked inside. They sat by an upturned vat and waited for whatever was to happen to them next.

At 8:35am, Eli entered the barn again. He advanced towards Kim, trying to get her alone in the other room. When Teri tried to defend Kim he pushed her aside, and Kim defended herself with a wooden plank. Teri then placed herself between Eli and her daughter, stating that she wouldn't fight him if he took her. Kim was then left in the room to listen as her mother was taken and raped next door.

A short while later Teri came back, and Kim tried to take the blame for what had happened. Teri told her that the rape would not be a part of their lives, and Kim agreed not to tell Jack. Teri then revealed that she had stolen a cell phone from Eli, and Kim watched as she called Nina Myers. However Neil suddenly entered the room so Kim hugged her mother, using the cover to hide the phone in the back of her trousers.

For the rest of the hour Kim and Teri were being watched by Neil, and continued to conceal the stolen phone.


At around 9:05am, Kim went to the window to keep a lookout while her mother phoned CTU again. She listened while Teri spoke to Jack, but then saw Eli and Rick approaching so warned her mother. They tried to act natural as Eli came charging in to search for his phone. He called Kim a bitch before leaving to search the other room. Kim then silently revealed to Rick the hidden phone on a rafter above. He didn't give it away when Eli asked, and left the two alone.

Kim then went back on the lookout and after about 10 minutes told Teri it was all clear. She listened as Teri talked about tracing the call, and then Teri told her to come and listen. Kim heard her Dad tell her that he loved them both, and although he hadn't always been there he was there for them now. He promised to find them, but then Eli and Rick came back. Eli was even more angry, hitting Teri in the face and grabbing Kim's hair. He pushed Kim against the wall when the phone started to bleep due to low battery. Eli spoke into the phone, and Rick started another scuffle, until finally the call was ended and the two men left.

Kiim and Teri then sat by a hay bale, embracing. Kim asked her what had happened between her and Jack, and Teri replied that although he was the best man she'd ever known he could be difficult. She told Kim about a training exercise two years ago that changed Jack, and how they decided to split after that. Kim asked if it didn't work, and said that she was glad it didn't.

Kim then had a sleep on Teri's lap. She was not disturbed until 10am, when Teri started having a pain in her stomach.


Teri and Kim were interrupted at around 10:05am when Rick entered the barn again. He apologized for what had happened with Eli, but didn't want hear anything about the phone call - Eli had sent him in to get information, and he didn't want to be able to give anything away. Kim fearfully asked what Eli was going to do to Rick, but he merely walked out without saying. Kim then watched as Eli beat Rick up for information, pleading with her mother to make it stop.

At half past ten, Kim noticed Teri having more stomach pains. She tried to persuade her to tell someone about it, but Teri refused, saying that they both needed to be strong and wait for her father.

At 10:45am Kim started to doze off again. Teri, who was keeping watch at the window, came over and told her she couldn't fall asleep as they needed to stay alert. Rick then came in again, which woke her up. She asked if he was ok, but he responded by handing her a gun. Teri took the gun, and Rick apologized for getting Kim involved. As he left, she asked what they were supposed to do with a gun, but he did not answer. Teri then told Kim she thought that they were going to be killed now, and this time they meant it. As Kim started to despair, Teri stood her up and told her that as long as they were alive they couldn't give up hope.

Just before 11am Kim expressed her view that Jack wasn't coming. Suddenly Eli walked in and told them that their time was up. Kim watched as Teri drew a gun on Eli, but he grabbed it out of her hands and started to choke her. As he drew another gun Kim pulled him away, and they fought on the ground. Eli then drew a knife before being shot twice by Teri. Kim and Teri then set about hiding the body and evidence.


By 11:05am, they had hidden Eli's body underneath a metal vat. Teri tried to comfort Kim by explaining why she had to kill him, but Kim said she was just happy he was dead. Then Eli's pager went off, and they realized others were looking for him. Kim quickly covered the blood stains in hay, and Teri said they would start moving once it was all clear.

At 11:20am the coast was clear, so they made ready to go. Teri handed Kim Eli's knife, and Kim told her mother that she loved her. Just then they heard someone enter, so Kim hid with her knife out. Suddenly Jack entered, and Kim rushed over to hug him. She asked if they could leave now, and Jack told her they could.

Kim then waited as Jack went through Eli's belongings and caught up on their situation. Rick then entered the building and Kim tried to convince her Dad that he was on their side. After being ignored, she attempted to intervene when Jack strangled Rick. Eventually Jack let Rick go and sit with her, and she looked fearfully at what her father had done.

Jack ran through their escape plan with Kim and Teri, but Teri didn't want them to separate. Rick came up with an alternative escape, and Jack asked Kim if he could be trusted. Kim said yes, as Rick's radio burst into life. Jack then told him to get the van.

Kim then went back to the window and kept watch as Jack phoned in his location to CTU. Afterwards Jack came over and asked if she was ready to go home. They promised to finish their chess game once everything was over.

At roughly 11:55am Jack decided that they had waited long enough and began to lead Kim and Teri out on his own. As they were about to leave the building, Rick drove up in the van and the Bauer family piled in. Kim held on as Jack drove them out of the compound, avoiding bullets from the guards. Kim screamed as windows and tyres were shot out, and when the van was stopped she crouched behind a wheel with Teri. As men shot at them, Jack gave Teri a gun and a PDA and told them both to meet him at a water tower. Kim tried to protest but Jack overruled her, and the two of them ran away from the gunfight. Just before 12pm Kim saw a tower of flame as the van exploded, unsure of the fate of her father or Rick.


Kim and Teri watched the column of smoke rise after the van blew up. Teri told Kim to keep moving, but Kim was frightened for her Dad. Teri told her that they needed to follow Jack’s instructions and follow the creek bed. They ran off.

Soon after they reached a road, and saw Gaines’ men arrive in a jeep. Teri told Kim that they were trapped, and needed to take an alternative route. Kim was unsure, but followed Teri.

By 12:10pm, they reached a clearing. Teri was unsure of the way, and Kim deduced that they were lost. They continued to run through the woods.

At 12:20pm they reached a shack that Teri thought she could find on the satellite photos. As they went inside, they heard men approaching. Neil entered and they had to hide in the other room. Just as Neil was about to discover them, Gaines called him back. Teri’s stomach started hurting again and Kim questioned her on what was wrong. Suddenly Kim spotted Neil, who had discovered them, but then Jack appeared, shooting Neil dead. He told them that they needed to move fast, but Kim wanted to know where Rick was. Jack told her he was fine, and they ran away.

At 12:35pm, the family reached the reservoir. Kim was worried about Rick, and so broke cover to let him know they were there. Jack quickly pulled her back as Gaines shot at her with a rifle. Teri and Kim then were told to wait in cover and not move for anything but the helicopter. Jack left them to face Gaines on his own.


Teri and Kim approach the CTU helicopter.

At 12:50pm the CTU helicopter landed. Kim and Teri waved to attract attention, and Bundy greeted them. He took them towards the helicopter for safety but Kim broke away and ran into the water tower to find Rick. When she found the place empty, she asked Teri where he was. Fearing that Gaines’ men had found him, she started to go off and look, but Teri stopped her and told her she needed to be there for her parents. They waited in the tower.

Just before 1pm Jack arrived and the family embraced. Jack gave Kim his coat, and they got into a helicopter. As they flew back to the city, Jack kissed his daughter’s head.


Kim and Teri landed at CTU, and Jack escorted them from the helicopter. When he asked if anything happened to Teri, Kim knew to stay silent. He told them an ambulance was waiting to take them to a clinic, and Kim asked if she could stay with him. He said no and they got into the ambulance with Agent Scott. The ambulance drove away.

At 1:10pm, Kim reached the hospital with her mother and met Dr Kent. When Teri was asked if there was anything she wanted to tell the doctor, Kim urged her to tell about the rape. Kim was taken into another room and checked with a stethoscope while she watched her mother through the window.

As Kim was getting her blood pressure checked, she met Nina Myers who popped in. She told Kim she would be down in the hall if she needed anything. She told them she was picking up clean clothes for them from their house, and Kim asked when they would get to see Jack. Nina told her they would have to be questioned first.

Shortly before 2pm, Nina came back into the room to tell Teri and Kim that they were being moved to a safe house. Kim quickly packed up her things and went with Nina down to the car, where they were driven to their new location.


In the car, Teri asked Nina why they were being moved. Kim asked if they were going to see Jack, and Teri asked if they were in danger. Nina told them they were fine, but Jack was not going to be at the safe house. Kim asked Teri what the doctor said, and she told her it was just a cyst and there was nothing to worry about.

At 2:15pm, they arrived at the safe house. Kim met agents Paulson and Breeher and went inside. Kim asked how long they had to stay, but again didn’t receive a definite answer from Nina. She took her bag of clothes and went to the bedroom to change.

At 2:25pm Kim went to Teri’s bathroom to use some toothpaste. She saw a pregnancy test by the side of the sink, but Teri said it was just a precaution from the doctor. As she left, Teri then revealed that she was pregnant. After realizing it was a baby by Jack, Kim got annoyed that they were planning a baby without telling her. Teri then told her to think of other people’s feelings, and as Kim went to apologize the bathroom door was shut in her face.

Kim then had lunch with Teri, talking about how it was good not being afraid anymore. She then apologized for her reaction earlier, and asked when she was going to tell Jack. Teri then got the phone and dialed CTU straight away. Jack wasn’t available, and Kim was disappointed that she didn’t get to hear his reaction. Teri and Kim then hugged as Nina came in to start the debrief. Kim was not needed initially so she went to her room, picking up a phone on the way.

When in her room Kim got Rick’s number from her jeans and called him. She asked how he was, and urged him to go to a hospital. She said she would stick up for him if he was arrested, and he told her not to tell anyone about him. She then agreed to say he didn’t have any part in the kidnapping if he turned himself in. He said he didn’t know, as he could be put in jail for the rest of his life.

Kim was then questioned by Nina, and when Rick came up she tried to convince her that he didn’t know what was going on. The interview was interrupted when Jack called Nina, and spoke to Teri. Kim asked Teri what his reaction to the pregnancy was, and she said that she didn’t tell him and Kim should go back to finish Nina’s questions.



Kim is interviewed by Nina Myers.

Kim was still arguing Rick’s case to Nina at 3:05pm. She claimed she didn’t know where he was, and Nina suggested that she may have been feeling a bond with her kidnapper. Teri then walked in and asked to finish up her debrief, so Kim took a break in her room.

At 3:15pm, Kim rang Rick again. She told him that Nina was pushing her hard, and again asked him to turn himself in. Rick told her not to call him again, and then hung up. Kim then lay on a bed and fell asleep, and later her mother came to lie next to her.

By 3:35pm, Teri and Kim were back in the living room with Agent Paulson, being shown mug shots of prisoners to identify. When Teri’s rapist came up, Kim stepped in to tell Paulson that he was just a guard called Eli. Paulson then questioned them about the surveillance Gaines had of Jack, and when Teri didn’t answer Kim suggested they took a break. Kim asked if Teri was ok.

Paulson then came back into the room with his gun drawn and ushered the two of them out. He took them to a bedroom and told them to lock the door. When they heard Paulson get stabbed, they rushed out of the room and into the garage. Kim got into the car as Teri drove away, and they had to duck to avoid Jovan Myovic and Mishko Suba firing at their car.

As they race away, Kim looked back to see Jovan following them in his car. Teri eventually managed to lose him by parking on a turn off and parking at the edge of a cliff. Kim stayed in the car as Teri went to check for their pursuer, but at that moment the cliff edge gave way and the car tumbled down. Kim managed to jump out before it exploded, knocking her unconscious.

Just before 4pm, Kim woke up, battered but alive. She scrambled up the hill to the road, calling for her mother.


Kim wandered down the road, still calling for Teri, but did not find her. She carried on looking.

By 4:15, she had reached a payphone and called CTU. She reached Tony Almeida, and asked to speak to Jack. She told him the safe house was attacked, but when Tony asked where she was she wouldn’t say. As Tony tried to convince her to reveal where she was, she hung up.

She then called Rick, and explained the situation to him. She told him that her mother had been kidnapped again, and that she needed to come to his house as he was the only person who knew the people behind the kidnapping. She told him if he didn’t help her she would tell the police everything, so he gave her his address and she called a taxi.

At 4:55pm Kim reached 1804 Glade in the taxi. The door was opened by Melanie, and Kim asked for Rick. Melanie was cold towards her but Rick appeared and let her in. He explained to Melanie that Kim got screwed up the previous night, and that was why he was shot in the arm. Kim said that she needed to find the people Dan was working for, and wanted to go through his room. She then told Rick she needed to borrow some money for the taxi.



Kim and Rick investigate Dan's room.

Kim then started going through Dan’s room with Rick, looking at his papers. Melanie asked what they were looking for and they said they needed Ira Gaines number, and Kim would pass it onto the police. Rick was worried that she would be contacting the police, but then Melanie revealed that she didn’t know Dan was dead. Rick said that Dan’s brother Frank was coming over and he needed to keep Dan’s death a secret from him. Kim said that she was wasting her time, and she didn’t know why she came.

Kim then tried phoning her relatives in case anyone had heard from Teri, but no-one had. At 5:20pm she tried her Aunt Ethel, but she wasn’t there. Melanie came in and told Rick that Kim had to leave as they had things to do once Frank arrived. Kim went to leave, and Rick followed her to the kitchen. He asked where she was going to go, and she said she would go to a park that was a pre-arranged meet up in case of emergency’s, as she didn’t believe her house would be safe. She asked to borrow Rick’s car, but it wasn’t his so he got her some money. Kim noticed weighing scales around the house, and before she left tried one last time to persuade Rick to turn himself in. She said she wished she had met him before, and that she wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for him. They kissed, but at that moment Frank burst through the door. He started calling for his brother, and then stopped Kim from leaving. He explained that he had business going down in half an hour and until Dan came with the money, nobody could leave.

At 5:55pm Kim heard Frank tell someone on the phone that Dan would be there soon. She asked Rick what would happen when Dan doesn’t show up. He said he didn’t know, but he wasn’t going to tell Frank. Kim then asked how Rick ended up in this situation when he had so much going for him. She told him about her friend Todd, who went through two foster homes but was now going to Stanford. Rick said that if he got the chance he would turn himself around, but now they had to get through the deal. Kim said they wouldn’t get through it unless Rick told Frank the truth. Frank then explained that they are going to buy $20,000 worth of ecstasy, and Kim asked what would happen if Dan didn’t show up. Frank said that he definitely would.


As Frank got more agitated, he threw his phone at Kim. She got up and tried to leave, saying she wasn’t going to wait around for Frank to get them killed. Melanie stopped her, believing she would tell the police about the deal. She tried to get Rick to leave with her, and then let slip to Melanie that Dan wasn’t coming back. Frank then walked in with a gun, asking her what she meant. Rick told Frank to leave her alone, then told him that Dan was dead and they never got paid. Frank said that the guys would be there in half an hour and it was too late to call it off.

At 6:20pm, Kim said she needed to leave to find her mom. She tried to sneak out of the door when Frank was busy, but two men arrived and Frank pulled her away. The men put down a bag and pulled out several shotguns. He told Rick that he was going to rip off the dealers, and aimed the empty gun at Kim’s face.

At 6:45pm, a dealer showed up with his girlfriend. He asked who Kim was, and she said she was a friend of Rick’s. He got out the ecstasy, and Frank then drew his gun from a bag. Everyone piled in and drew weapons, and Frank persuaded the dealer to stand down. Frank hit Rick on his wounded arm for not keeping his brother alive.

After Frank had taken the ecstasy from the dealer, he hit him in the face with his gun. The dealer then told Frank he had the right to remain silent, and armed police burst into the house. One of Frank’s men was shot, and Kim pleaded with the officers that she wasn’t part of the deal. They ignored her and arrested her, leading her out of the house.



Kim and Rick arrive at the police station.

As Kim was being brought into the police station, she asked for a phone call as she needed to contact someone. Melanie told officer Krugman not to listen to her as she lies. Rick told Kim to tell them that knew nothing about the deal, and she said she would tell them about everything that had happened that day. Rick asked if she trusted him, and she said she did. He told her to tell the truth about everything and he would back her up, as it was time he faced up to what he did. Krugman then came over and took Kim to the desk to process her.

Just after 7:25pm Kim was brought to Krugman in an interrogation room. She told him that Jack Bauer was her father and tried to give him the number for CTU, but he said he only wanted information about Frank and the deal. She told him about the kidnapping and assassination of David Palmer, and that the safe house she was in was attacked. Krugman said that Melanie was right about her active imagination, but Kim denied knowing Melanie. Krugman then put Kim back in the holding cell to teach her not to screw around, but before leaving Kim told him again to call CTU.

She was led into a cell at 7:55pm. She was jeered at by the male prisoners, and heard a guard reprimanding a prisoner named Martinez. She reached the women's cell, and was glared at by the other inmates, so sat down away from anyone else.


Just after 8pm, Kim saw Melanie being brought into her cell. She told Kim that she was in her seat, and followed her round until she stood by the cell bars.

At 8:20pm a fight broke out between one of the inmates. As the girl was being beaten, Melanie came up to Kim and told her she would beat up Kim in the same way once they got out. Kim asked what her problem was, and Melanie said it was her. Kim asks if it is because of Rick, but Melanie said he was a loser and she was ‘daddy’s little girl’. Kim then stood up and told her to shut up about her being spoiled, and ran through the bad things that had happened to her. She told Melanie to bring it on, wherever she liked, but the tension was broken by a prison guard rattling the cell bars to calm them down. Kim sat back down, shaking.

Later the other girls were smoking a joint, and Lucy threw it onto Melanie when the guard came back. The guard was about to take Melanie in for drug possession when Kim stuck up for her and explained. Lucy threatened her and then pushed her over, but was dragged away by the guards. As Lucy was being handcuffed, Melanie asked to speak to Krugman, in order to tell him about what happened with the deal. Kim watched her go.

At 8:50pm, Melanie was brought back to the cell and Krugman told Kim she was being released. He explained that Melanie admitted to lying, and he called CTU and everything checked out. He told her Teri was waiting at CTU and he would drive her there himself.

As Kim was leaving the station just before 9pm, she borrowed Krugman’s phone to call Teri. They told each other that they thought the other had been kidnapped, and Kim promised to explain everything once she saw Teri. She told her she loved her, and she would see her in a few minutes. As soon as she had hung up, Krugman apologized for not believing her story. Then a red van crashed into the police car and masked men jumped out. They shot Krugman and dragged Kim out of the car.


Kim was pulled into another car by the men. She tried to fight them, but they gagged her with tape over her mouth and tied her wrists.

At around 9:30 she arrived at a restaurant owned by Nikola. She briefly saw her father before he was knocked out, and she struggled with her captors. She was put into a different van to her father and driven away. She was taken to a dock at the Port of Los Angeles and was put into a building.


Just before 10:10pm Kim saw Victor and Andre Drazen arrive to see Alexis, their last surviving relative. Kim watched as Alexis died and the doctor was unable to resuscitate him. Andre was enraged at the death, drawing a gun and almost shooting Kim to get at Jack. Victor stopped him, saying that they still needed her alive.

At 10:20pm, Victor was drinking water by Kim. He told her that they had given her father a simple task, and if he did it they would see about letting her go. He walked away.

At 10:30pm, Kim watched helplessly as the Drazens placed a call to Jack and Palmer. They set off a remote control bomb, and Kim cried out as she thought her father was killed.

Kim then saw a news report of the explosion at the Palmer hotel, and heard Andre say he would take care of her. First he put a call in to secret service, and Kim heard him speak to father. She was relieved to find out Jack was still alive. After Andre hung up, Kim asked why he was doing this to them.

At 10:50pm, Andre told Kim about his sister Martina, and about how Jack killed her. Kim said that Jack would never do that, and that he was a good man, but Andre told her that he was a criminal.


Kim attempts to escape from the Drazens.

At 10:55pm, Kim asked if she could have some coffee. When he saw her struggling with the cups, Marko came over to help. Kim threw the coffee into his face and ran out of the building. She hid while Drazen’s men came streaming out to find her. She ran to a metal pipe to hide and undo the ropes around her wrists. She ran along the pier and Andre spotted her, pointing his gun. He told her not to jump as she would drown, but Kim ignored him and plunged into the water. Just before 11pm she surfaced, and reached the edge of the water.


Kim sneaked through some railings, and hid from Serge as he talked on a phone. Once he left, she climbed over a chain link fence and ran in front of a truck on the road outside. She waved it down for help.

Sergeant Devlin of the highway patrol came and gave Kim a blanket. She sat in the back of his police car as he called CTU to tell them of her whereabouts. She spoke to George Mason and told him that Jack was walking into a trap and they needed to let him know she had escaped. She gave the phone back to Devlin so he could identify their location. He then drove Kim back to CTU.


Kim has an emotional reunion with her father.

Once she arrived at CTU, Kim waited in the conference room. Jack arrived just before midnight, and she hugged him. He told her it was all over, and she asked where Teri was. Jack replied that he thought she was with Kim, and told her to stay there while he found her. Jack left, and shortly afterwards Kim learned the news of her mother’s death.

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