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This article's subject relates to Season 8 of 24.

King was a CTU NY field agent active during Day 8.

Day 8[]

King was part of the CTU team led by Jack Bauer sent to recover Farhad Hassan in Forest Hills. As they were heading there, Jack instructed Agents King and Lynch to come in from the south, while he and Agent Owen covered their flank. He also told King that CTU would be uploading pictures of IRK operatives to the network, so he should have them available once they intercept Hassan.

After the team arrived, they found Farhad Hassan shot. King and the team then cleared the area, and he informed Jack that there were no hostiles and no trace of the nuclear rods either. King and the team then transported Farhad's body to St. Julian's Hospital.

King was later in the CTU vehicle with Jack Bauer and Agents Ortiz and Owen, attempting to follow Samir Mehran with the nuclear fuel rods. They were suddenly ambushed by the waterline and unable to contact CTU when the terrorists jammed their equipment. As the terrorists fired on them from concealed positions, Jack instructed them to strip two bulletproof panels from the vehicle, which they used as cover in an attempt to get to a nearby emergency phone. Before reaching their destination, however, King panicked and broke the formation. He was shot several times and left in the open, exposed to further gunfire. When Owen went against Jack's orders to rescue King, Owen was fatally injured and King was immediately killed in the crossfire.

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