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You may be looking for Dr. Kinnard from Season 1.

Kinnard was a doctor at St. Virgil's Hospital.

Day 2 Edit

After the bombing at CTU Los Angeles, Megan Matheson began to have a seizure and was taken to St. Virgil's Hospital. Kim asked Kinnard, who was Megan's main doctor, about her's condition. She said that her convulsions were caused by abuse prior to the explosion. Dr. Kinnard accused Kim and threatened to call the police, but Kim insisted that it wasn't her.

Memorable quotes Edit

  • Dr. Kinnard: These injuries suggest a possible pattern of physical abuse.
  • Kim Bauer: You don't think I did this! You don't think I'd hurt her!?
  • Dr. Kinnard: I'm going to let the police sort that out.

Background information and notes Edit

  • This character's name can be briefly seen on her nametag.

Live appearances Edit

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