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This article's subject relates to Season 5 of 24.

Rear Admiral Kirkland was the commanding officer of Point Mugu Naval Air Station during Day 5. A high-ranking officer in the United States Navy, he was in charge of sending out naval fighter jets during times of crisis around West Coast of the US.

Day 5[]

While stationed at Point Mugu in Day 5, Jack Bauer took control of Flight 520 in ordering to obtain an audio recording that implicated President Charles Logan in the death of President David Palmer. Realizing the threat that Bauer possessed, Graem Bauer contacted Logan and revealed that he planned on sending a distress signal from the plane.

Graem sent out the distress signal and Admiral Kirkland learned that Bauer planned on using the plane as a weapon. Contacting Logan and Mike Novick with this news, Kirkland got authorization to send out fighter jets to shoot the plane down. When the plane began to land on a Los Angeles highway, Logan demanded for Kirkland to shoot it down. Kirkland expressed his belief that the plane no longer possessed a threat, and with Mike agreeing, Logan was forced to let it land.

Later that evening Russian separtist Vladimir Bierko took control of the submarine the Natalia, planning to use its missiles to strike targets. Audrey Raines informed Kirkland of this and he sent out fighter jets to destroy the ship. However, Kirkland revealed it would take at least 20 minutes for the jets to arrive, and the missiles would launch by then. It was up to the ground team, that consisted of Bauer, Christopher Henderson, and Agent McCullough, to stop Bierko. When Henderson managed to disarm the missiles, Audrey called Kirkland to call off the fighters.

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