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Kohler was an assassin working for Conrad Haas during Day 5.

Day 5 Edit

Kohler and two others worked with Haas to carry out four murders for their secret employers (the leaders of the Sentox nerve gas conspiracy). Their final target, Chloe O'Brian, realized just in time that there was a hidden car bomb inside her vehicle. When she stopped herself from opening her car door, Haas sent Kohler to pursue and kill her. After chasing her for a short time, she succeeded in escaping from him temporarily.

Later, he and Haas (driving a van) and the two other men (inside a car) followed Chloe to an oil refinery on Variel and Topanga. However, Jack Bauer was present, and, using smoke grenades as cover, Jack snuck up on Kohler and knifed him. Jack killed the other two, and then Haas, soon afterward.

Background information and notes Edit

  • The name "Kohler" appears in a version of the episode script.
  • According to director Jon Cassar, actor Eric Winzenried ruptured his Achilles tendon during the scene where he is chasing Chloe O'Brian. To complete the scene, Cassar had to use the crew camera loader, Eric Guthrie, to fill in for Winzenried in some shots where the character is running, while keeping Winzenried on shots where Kohler is standing still.

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