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Koo Yin was the Chinese consul in Los Angeles during Day 4. David Palmer described Koo to be a "reasonable man", implying that they knew each other at a personal level.

Day 4[]

At 2:30 AM, Koo received a call from former President David Palmer on behalf of President Charles Logan regarding Lee Jong, a Chinese national who had been directly linked to the terrorist mastermind Habib Marwan. Jong had taken refuge in the consulate to avoid being arrested by CTU, and Palmer urged Koo to speak to the Chinese premier and obtain authorization to surrender Jong to CTU. Koo promised to do what he could, but warned that it would take four or five hours at least to obtain clearance from Beijing.

Realizing that arresting Jong diplomatically would take too long, Palmer authorized Jack Bauer to lead a team into the consulate and extract Jong by force. Accompanied by agents Howard Bern and Curtis Manning, Bauer successfully infiltrated the consulate and abducted Jong. However, during the escape, Koo was inadvertently shot in the back by one of his own consulate guards and killed. The consul was replaced by his deputy, Su Ming, who worked with Cheng Zhi (the consul's former head of security) and Jin (a researcher) to identify Bern from the security footage.

420 Koo Yin

The consul accidentally shot by his own men

Koo's death would have far-reaching and disastrous consequences for Jack Bauer. Blamed by both China and the U.S. for the consul's death, he was forced to fake his death at the end of Day 4 and assume a new identity to avoid imprisonment. Eighteen months later, he was abducted by Cheng Zhi and endured imprisonment and torture for almost two years.

By Day 6, Bauer had been effectively pardoned for Koo's death as part of an exchange with China that allowed him to return to the United States.

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