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Kozelek Hacker was a henchman working for Phillip Bauer during Day 6.

Day 6Edit

When Liddy received orders from Phillip to make sure Jack Bauer and CTU did not find out the location of Dmitri Gredenko, he sent Hacker along with Ed and another man to wire a decoy house with explosives. Phillip then forced Marilyn Bauer to divert Jack to the decoy house, and Hacker and his team detonated the explosives. After the explosion, Kozelek and his men moved in to seize Marilyn alive, but were halted by Milo Pressman. Kozelek and the others followed Milo and Marilyn into an alley, where he managed to hear them behind some dumpsters. After a short shootout, both Milo and Marilyn were defenseless.

Kozelek ordered his accomplices to kill Milo, but Jack arrived and killed them both. Hacker surrendered to Jack, who wanted to find Phillip's location. Jack forced Hacker to call Phillip in an attempt to get his address. After arriving at the location with Jack and Marilyn, Jack had Kozelek handcuff himself, and knocked him out. He then called CTU Field Ops to pick him up as he and Marilyn left the hotel.

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