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Kristen Doehring was the wife of Matt Doehring, and an active member of Global Peace for a Cleaner Environment and Morningside Dawn. She was sleeping with Chuck Fitzsimmons. Prior to the events of Midnight Sun, she arranged for Wendell Adams to go on a suicide mission to kill the head of McGuckin Petroleum.

Kristen embezzled from G-PACE, and was also paid to send members of Morningside Dawn to use a bio-mediation bacteria to destroy the oil field under the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge.

Midnight Sun[]

Around 2:30pm, Kristen reassured Chuck that no one would be able to trace Wendell Adams' plane crash back to them. Later, she and Chuck met with Theo Oswald, presumably to pick up the bio-mediation bacteria.

As Morningside Dawn's actions grew more aggressive, Kristen had to reassure Chuck more and more. Around 3:15am, she was late to a meeting with her backers due to "hand-holding" him. The backers informed her that they had made the first of two payments, with the second coming after the mission to destroy the ANWR oil field was completed.

When Chuck discovered that Kristen was skimming funds from G-PACE, she revealed that she didn't really believe in environmentalism, and was only using G-PACE and Morningside Dawn to enrich herself. She then knocked him down and strangled him with her bare hands.

Kristen was on her way out of town when she realized that she was about to be arrested. She called her backers for help, but they refused, saying she had already played her part. Kristen was arrested by the Air Force around 12:30pm.

Memorable quotes[]

  • Kristen Doehring: When we're successful, no government anywhere will be able to make a move without considering the environmental impact. You've got to stop worrying, Chuck, it's counterproductive.

  • Kristen Doehring: I know in the movies the bad guy tells the other person her plans before she kills him, Chuck. Sorry about that. I'm working for a Middle Eastern group and they're paying me rather well. Oh, and for the record, I've had it with causes.

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