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Kristen Smith was an attorney from the Department of Justice. She was sent to CTU New York by the White House Chief of Staff Rob Weiss to prosecute Renee Walker.

Day 8 Edit

Kristen was contacted by Rob Weiss, who asked her to go to CTU New York to prosecute Renee Walker for the murder of Vladimir Laitanan. Weiss made it clear to Smith that he intended Walker to be used as the scapegoat after the failure of the mission. When Kristen arrived to CTU, Brian Hastings took her to medical where Renee was. When Kristen entered the interrogation room, Chloe O'Brian complained about her questioning Renee, but Hastings ordered her to get out.

Kristen sat with Renee and started asking questions about the incident with Laitanan. As Renee answered her questions, Kristen kept on pressing her to accept that she had acted on revenge. As Renee started to break down, Jack Bauer entered the room and ordered Renee to get out. When Kristen protested, Jack grabbed her by the neck and pushed her against the wall, telling her he knew her agenda was to blame Renee for the failure of the mission. Jack then left with Renee.

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