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Krome, now known as Secret Suburbia, was the stage name of T.J. Habibi, a Canadian electronic rock artist from Toronto, Canada. His song "Anything 2 Me" was featured in "Day 1: 12:00am-1:00am" as Rick Allen and Kim Bauer talk outside of Paladio Furniture. The Fox site incorrectly listed the song title as "Chair on a Wire".

At the time of Season 1, Habibi went by the stage name Krome; he writes and produces all of the music, and performed alongside Mark Chee-Aloy on bass and Tony Carpino on drums. They produced the "Anything 2 Me" track in 1995. Due to trademark issues they have since changed their name to Secret Suburbia, and the drummer has been replaced by John Michalopoulos, as well as adding Dave West on guitar to the group.

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  • We Used To Live Here (2011)
  • Midi Gritty (2007)
  • Seeing Double With One Eye (2004)
  • Krome (2001)

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