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This article's subject relates to the 24 expanded universe.

Officer Lafayette was the senior corrections officer at the Federal Holding Facility in Los Angeles, California.

Lafayette was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. One of his mother's favorite sayings was, "There's some bad sauce on those ribs."

Lafayette was among the officers who broke up the second fight between Jack Bauer and the MS-13 gang members who were targeting him at the Federal Holding Facility, including Oscar Cisneros. After the attack, Jack asked to speak to Officer Adam Cox, but Lafayette told him that Cox had just been stabbed and killed in the mess hall. The warden was also unavailable, having just been hospitalized following a heart attack.

Lafayette escorted Bauer and his cellmate Emil Ramirez back to their cell, where Jack pleaded with him to call Ryan Chappelle at CTU Los Angeles and tell him that "things were going south." Lafayette agreed on the condition that Jack forget about the fight and save him some paperwork, and left to make the call. He returned a few minutes later to tell Jack that Chappelle was in the hospital as well, unreachable.

At 12:36am, following the prison riot Jack and Ramirez started to escape from custody, Lafayette greeted U.S. marshal Dan Pascal and his deputy Emerson, who had been assigned to hunt down the two escapees. He showed Pascal video surveillance that showed Bauer breaking out, then slamming the prison gate to keep the other inmates from escaping as well. Lafayette and Pascal chatted until George Mason arrived from CTU to brief Pascal on Jack Bauer. (Chaos Theory)

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