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Lance was a member of the Night Rangers biker gang. He was also Rydell's master-at-arms.

Lance took a call from Sticks after Chase Edmunds and Jack Bauer showed up at The Crankcase pretending to be mobsters from Chicago. Sticks called Lance back several minutes later, after Jack and Chase burned the club down, and told him what happened. Lance relayed the information to Rydell, who ordered him to find the two men and to block all the roads leading out of Deadline. Once he finished his task, he reported back to Rydell and asked if he wanted to kill Jack and Chase. Much to Lance's surprise, Rydell wanted both men alive; after he received his new orders, Rydell left to set up a meeting with Thomas Hadley and his agents, whilst Lance stayed behind and guarded Fort Blake with many other bikers. Chase and Jack sabotaged the fort later that night, and Lance was either killed in the shootout at the fort, or he escaped and left the MC after the organization was destroyed. (Deadline)

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