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Landis was a CTU bomb squad agent active during the terrorist attacks of The Game.

The Game[]

Landis was one of the agents of the bomb squad that followed Jack Bauer through a construction site to a bomb planted by Peter Madsen. Jack had to cover for her as snipers guarding the site attempted to prevent the team from reaching the bomb. The other bomb defusal agent was Evans, who was shot and killed by a terrorist upon reaching the bomb site. Landis was unsure of her ability to defuse the bomb, but Jack encouraged her for support. Landis began working on dismantling the bomb when she and Jack came under fire. Jack was able to cover her and she successfully disarmed it. When they realized, too late, that there was a second bomb at the construction site, both Landis and Jack attempted to get out of the area. While escaping, Landis was crushed under a metal crane as the bomb detonated caused by an earthquake.

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