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This article's subject relates to Season 3 of 24.

Las Nieves was a small town in northern Mexico, an hour's flight from the California border.

Before Day 3[]

Hector Salazar moved from Colombia to Las Nieves after his brother, drug kingpin Ramon, was arrested. He established himself at a horse ranch not far from the town.

Day 3[]

During Day 3, after Jack broke Ramón from jail, they flew to Mexico to meet with Hector. When Chase Edmunds crossed the border to find Jack, he was captured and taken to their ranch in Las Nieves. There he was tortured by Salazar's men.

Michael Amador coordinated the auction for the Cordilla virus in Las Nieves. There he met with the bidders: the Salazar brothers, accompanied by Jack; and Nina Myers. Chase, who managed to escape from the Salazar's ranch with the help of Claudia, was close to the site of the deal.

After Amador escaped with the virus, Chase joined Jack and captured Nina. When she offered her help finding Amador, they took a plane and returned to Los Angeles with her.