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Lazlo was someone who was under surveillance by Jack Bauer, Devin and Nina Myers during Day Zero.

Day Zero Edit


Devin and Nina watch Lazlo

Lazlo had been putting classified security codes on the market. He had been under surveillance from Jack, Nina, and Devin for nine weeks, who were in the apartment across the road from Lazlo at around 10.14pm. Devin asked how good the intel was on Lazlo, and Nina replies that it was double sourced. Devin told her that whatever Lazlo was doing, he was taking his time over it. Just as Nina began to doubt the operation, expressing the idea that Mason thinks they were wasting time, Devin told the other two that their surveillance system went dark. Jack instructs Devin to go with him to Lazlo's apartment, and Nina to stay and watch the building.


Lazlo's body

Jack and Devin cross the road and get to Lazlo's apartment: Room 307. Jack opens the door and sees that Lazlo is no longer sat at his computer. Using his flashlight, he looks around the dark room and sees Lazlo's dead body on the floor with what appears to be a gunshot wound to the head. Just as Jack noticed the body, Devin noticed a wireless detonator in the room that was counting down from three minutes. Jack told Devin to go whilst he called CTU to try to defuse the bomb: he wanted to save the computer files on Lazlo's system.

After calling CTU and getting into the system with the help of Jamey Farrell, Jack managed to jump out of the window of Lazlo's apartment just before it exploded, presumably destroying Lazlo's body in the process. Jack escaped with minor cuts to his head.

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