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Bob Jorgensen, Carl Webb, and two more members of the Latham Group

The Latham Group, known publicly as a faction of the political action committee PacAmerica, was an association of businessmen which provided financial support for the Presidential campaign of Senator David Palmer before Day 1. It included Carl Webb, Frank Ames, Bob Jorgensen, and Phil Tuttle.

Before Day 1[edit | edit source]

Seven years before Day 1, Latham Group member Carl Webb helped David's wife Sherry conceal evidence that their son Keith Palmer accidentally killed Lyle Gibson, the young man who raped their daughter Nicole Palmer. Gibson's death was considered a suicide afterward, and David did not learn the truth until Day 1.

Day 1[edit | edit source]

When George Ferragamo—the therapist of Palmer's son Keith—planned to publicly accuse Keith of murdering the rapist Gibson, the Latham group discussed various possibilities on how to prevent this threat, which would seriously undermine David's campaign. Frank Ames was disturbed by these developments and withdrew his support from David, warning him at 9:51am that the group was becoming dangerous. A few hours later, the group caused a fire in the building of Dr. Ferragamo, and the therapist was killed in an apparent accident before noon. Since David and Keith had confronted Webb, they also had false evidence planted which, if pointed out to the fire department, would make the authorities believe that Keith was an arsonist in order to force them into keeping the Ferragamo murder secret. But Keith secured a micro-cassette recording of Webb not only incriminating himself but mentioning the false evidence planted at the scene of the fire. David turned over the recording to the district attorney and revealed the full truth at a press conference, publicly exposing the crimes of the Latham Group and severing all ties to them.

Background information and notes[edit | edit source]

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