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Laurent Dubaku was the son of Colonel Iké Dubaku in the People's Freedom Army of Benjamin Juma in Sangala. During Day 7, he assisted Juma in the preparations for the invasion of the White House but was killed early on.

Day 7 Edit

When General Juma received word that Iké Dubaku had been dispatched of as ordered, he told the killer Udo to ensure that Laurent did not find out. When Laurent volunteered to take his father's place in the invasion force, Juma turned him down, and had him remain on the ship in the Potomac. Laurent spotted Renee Walker looking over their blueprints for the White House and chased her into the bay, where he pursued her to the shore on speedboat and then chased her through the wilderness.

In his pursuit, Laurent gunned down a policeman Renee had made contact with. He soon managed to find her outside of a locked shed, where she tried to convince him that Juma had his father murdered to silence him. He refused to believe her and Renee attacked him with a shovel, until he tried to strangle her with his bare hands.

A group of FBI agents, led by Larry Moss, arrived on the scene and Larry shot him dead.

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