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Lee Jin Yu was a man who was killed before the events of The Game.

The GameEdit

Lee Jin Yu was found in a Meat Processing Plant in Thousand Oaks by Jack Bauer. Agent Tom Baker assessed that he had been dead for several days. Joseph Sin-Chung was posing as an imposter Lee Jin Yu, and was picked up by Tony Almeida in Lee Jin Yu's apartment complex after following a lead that led to him. He continued to be undercover and used his cover to detonate a low-level EMP at CTU Los Angeles, allowing Peter Madsen and his team to storm in and take control. Jack tried to call CTU and warn Michelle Dessler that the real Lee was dead, but he was too late, as Sin-Chung used a code in a PDA that was provided to him by Ryan Chappelle to set off the EMP.

Background information and notesEdit

  • He is incorrectly referred to as "Mr. Yu", when his correct name would be "Mr. Lee".
  • He was born on November 8th, 1975.

Live appearancesEdit

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