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Leon was an employee of the Russian consulate during the events of Day 6.

Day 6[]

During Day 6, Jack Bauer invaded the Russian consulate and took Consul Anatoly Markov hostage. Eventually Bauer was captured by Vasili and Stovich, but both of them ended up getting killed. Markov ordered a lockdown and cut off all outside communications.

Leon was with Elena during the time of the lockdown. Jack entered the room they were in, and they accused him of killing Stovich. Jack insisted that he didn't kill Stovich and he threatened to kill Elena if Leon didn't get him the emergency room. Leon left and eventually returned with the phone, telling Bauer that security would release it and it would be gone in a matter of minutes.

Moments after Leon returned to Jack and Elena, a TAC team raided the consulate and Leon ended up getting shot by a Russian guard. Mike Doyle, the Director of Field Operations of CTU Los Angeles, reported that Leon was still alive, but it is unknown if Leon's injuries had a fatal effect on him.

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