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Leonard Roberts (born November 17, 1972; age 51) portrayed the prison guard Buchanan during Season 3 of 24.

Biography and career[]

Leonard Roberts was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He is a graduate of DePaul University's Theatre School (1995) and received a BFA in Acting.

Roberts began his acting career in 1996, when he appeared in the show Due South. After that, he has appeared in shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Providence (with Jeffrey Nordling), NCIS (with Pauley Perrette), ER (with Leland Orser), and Castle (with Stana Katic and Dameon Clarke). Roberts also starred as D.L. in the NBC series Heroes, alongside his 24 co-star Zachary Quinto.

Some films in which Roberts has appeared are Savages (with Sala Baker), Drumline, He Got Game, Hoodlum, and Love Jones. In 2014, Roberts appeared in the war film American Sniper (with Sammy Sheik, Tim Griffin, Navid Negahban, Fahim Fazli, Assaf Cohen, Mido Hamada and Reynaldo Gallegos).

Role on 24[]

Roberts played the role of Buchanan during Season 3. Buchanan was a guard working at Downey Holding Facility where Ramon Salazar was held. On a Twitter reply to one of Wiki 24 administrators, Roberts referred to his appearance as "one of my favorite death scenes...!".[1] Roberts appeared in one episode and was credited as a guest star.

24 credits[]

24-related appearances[]

Selected filmography[]

  • Headgame (2018)
  • Love Is All You Need? (2016)
  • American Sniper (2014)
  • Savages (2012)
  • Red Sands (2009)
  • The Last Adam (2006)
  • Drumline (2002)
  • He Got Game (1998)
  • Love Jones (1997)

Television appearances

  • Goosebumps (2023)
  • Charmed (2020-2022)
  • The Girl in the Woods (2021)
  • Rebel (2021)
  • Hawaii Five-0 (2020)
  • 9-1-1 (2019)
  • Major Crimes (2017-2018)
  • The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story (2016)
  • The Mentalist (2014)
  • Criminal Minds (2010)
  • ER (2009)
  • Heroes (2006-2007)
  • Smallville (2005)
  • Bones (2005)
  • 24 (2003)
  • Tru Calling (2003)
  • JAG (2001)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1999-2000)


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