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The Letitcia was a Russian container ship moored at Southampton Docks, England during Day 9.

Russian covert agent Anatol Stolnavich had arranged for the ship to take Cheng Zhi and his men to safety after they stole the defense override module and completed their attack against the Shenyang. Cheng and his men boarded the ship at 10:15pm, and were ordered by the ship's captain to stay out of sight while the crew prepared to shove off. A crew of Russian mercenaries stood watch on the docks while Cheng waited in the communications tower.

With Chloe O'Brian monitoring enemy movements from a port outbuilding, Jack Bauer and Belcheck stealthily infiltrated the boat, killing many of the Russian and Chinese agents. Eventually, the Russian mercenary commander realized there were intruders after he failed to reach Pavel and Marat by radio, and dispatched his men to search for them. Jack ordered Belcheck to get to the ship's engine room and stop it from leaving port, while he went after Cheng.


Jack infiltrates the ship

At 10:35pm, while Jack prepared for his final assault, Kate Morgan called to inform him that Audrey Boudreau had been killed at Malden Park by one of Cheng's gunmen, despite her best efforts. Devastated, Jack stormed the communications tower, killing over a dozen of Cheng's surviving men and then overpowering Cheng himself. Threatening Cheng with a sword hung nearby, he got him to submit to facial and voice recognition procedures, in order to prove to the Chinese government that the attack on the Shenyang had been Cheng's doing. Once this was confirmed, Jack ended the video transmission, then beheaded Cheng in revenge for Audrey's death. ("Day 9: 10:00pm-11:00am")