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Liam O'Connor was the 15-year-old younger brother of Caitlin O'Connor. He lived with his sister above the pub known as The Last Celt, and become embroiled in the events of Operation Hell Gate.

Operation Hell Gate Edit

The terrorist Shamus Lynch got Liam to deliver a computer component to a business partner. Liam narrowly missed getting killed twice, once by a subway after being mugged, and once by going into a building that was raided by the FBI.

Liam was found by Shamus, who decided that Liam was a problem, so he detonated the hidden explosives in case meant to kill Liam. However, Liam hid the case next to Shamus' car, so Shamus was himself killed. Liam was able to escape and turn himself in to the police. At the end of the day, he was in protective custody at the police station.

Live appearancesEdit

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