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Lindauer Memorial Hospital was a hospital during Day 4. Dina Araz's brother, Naseem worked here as a pharmacist.

Day 4 Edit

Behrooz Araz went to Lindauer for painkillers after his mother, Dina, was shot. Although he believed that his uncle Naseem would provide the drugs without question, Naseem called Behrooz's father, Navi, to verify this claim. Navi lied to Naseem, saying that he believed Behrooz was using drugs, and instructed him to keep Behrooz there so he could pick him up. When Behrooz discovered that his father was coming to the hospital, he attempted to flee but ran directly into Navi. Navi shot and killed Naseem, then took Behrooz hostage in the hospital's basement. The hostage crisis ended when Jack Bauer distracted Navi, giving Behrooz an open opportunity to shoot his father in the back, dead.

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