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Lisa Tynes was an FBI counter terrorism agent working under Deputy Director Kate Wyman during Day 3 of The Rookie.

The Rookie[]

Whilst working at the FBI headquarters in Washington DC, Deputy Director Kate Wyman requested a satellite with thermal tracking capabilities. After Brett suggested using the Noram Weather Satellite, Lisa added that it was appropriately in the right area for the mission.

After Alton Maxwell was captured, Lisa worried said she was unable to track where he was taken. Brett explained that NSA took control of the satellite. Later, when Eric Myers, Esteban Salazar's mole within the FBI was stealing files from Kate Wyman's desk, she questioned what he was doing. Eric lied that Wyman had some files left on her screen that needed refreshing, and walked away. Lisa looked after him, suspiciously.


Lisa suspects Eric

Lisa was working in a room at HQ when Kate Wyman walked in and said that classified files were transferred from her workstation to a target in Mexico City. Lisa explained that she was linking a source up to the FBI's network three days ago, when the files were transferred. Wyman said that someone else must have used her terminal. Lisa revealed that Eric Myers was on her computer earlier, to supposedly resend files that were mistakably deleted, but Wyman said that she never send him those files. She looked out of the room to Eric, and realized that if it is not him, then whoever it is will be alerted to the situation if they accuse him. She told Lisa to track the outgoing files and see if it matched Esteban Salazar's number: if there was a match, they will know it was Eric. Lisa agreed, and Wyman told her to keep it quiet: to not even tell Brett.

Lisa approached Kate Wyman around twenty minutes later and said that she had confirmed that Eric Myers was the traitor. They looked to his station and saw that he was gone, just as the computer screens flashed worryingly, displaying the message "Server System Breach". The agents discovered that Eric was trying to sabotage the mission. Wyman instructed Lisa to get some guards and meet her in the server room.

She was not seen again, but Wyman managed to take out Eric before he should stop the mission.

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