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You may be looking for "Logan's Retreat", a DVD special feature.

Logan's presidential retreat was the location where President Charles Logan operated throughout Day 5. The retreat became Logan's home when he was put under house arrest after his involvement with the Sentox nerve gas conspiracy.

The grounds of the retreat covered over 10,000 square feet and included stables, a swimming pool, a tennis court, and a large interior living area. According to Bill Buchanan, the presidential retreat was located 15 miles from the city of Los Angeles.

Day 5Edit

During Day 5 when Martha Logan remembered Palmer's message to her, she stormed out onto the grounds to see her husband. She later escaped from the interior through the bathroom window and hid in the stables. Martha was later found and brought back into the house.

As CTU LA coordinated security at the retreat, the DOD liaison, Audrey Raines, suggested Bill Buchanan that the Delta sector of the retreat was vulnerable and had a high probability of infiltration.

Walt Cummings' body was found inside the interior when he allegedly committed suicide. It was later revealed that he was intentionally murdered, probably by Justin Adams, who was later killed by Martha Logan when he attempted to silence Aaron Pierce. Earlier Martha had tried to meet up with Pierce and noticed his cellphone lying on the ground. Martha and Aaron put Adam's body in the trunk of a car and Mike Novick ensured Aaron's safety.

When Marine One was ready to pick up Charles Logan, Jack knocked out the pilot and climbed aboard the helicopter when it had landed on the platform on the ground.

Day 6Edit

At around 4:00pm, Jack Bauer arrived at Logan's retreat, now his home/prison, by helicopter for a meeting with the former President. There, Logan offered to help Jack find Dmitri Gredenko. While there, Logan claimed that the only way to find Gredenko was through Anatoly Markov, the Russian consul, and a man CTU had already cleared. Jack had his doubts, especially when Logan claimed that he wanted nothing in return for his aid. There, both he and Jack changed into suits in preparation for their appearance at the embassy.

Background information and notesEdit

  • The whole interior of the presidential retreat was designed by production designer Joseph Hodges and built on a set on the show's studio. However, the outside shots were filmed at the Ventura Farms horse ranch in Hidden Valley, California.


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