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The London Underground, also known colloquially as the Tube, was an underground network of rail transportation in England's capital city, London.

During Day 9, Simone Al-Harazi boarded the Tube's northern line at Kennington Station after killing Derrick Yates and taking the drone module he had designed. With Chloe O'Brian's help, Jack Bauer tracked her movements from the Vauxhall Griffin and boarded her train at the Waterloo Station down the line. While they were arriving at Charing Cross, Simone spotted Jack, recognizing him from earlier in the afternoon, and used a knife to slice open her thigh. Once the doors opened, she smeared blood on her face and screamed to passerby that Jack was trying to kill her as a means to escape. After fighting off some Good Samaritans, Jack managed to follow her out of the station, but lost her when she sneaked out a service entrance that an Underground employee was working near. ("Day 9: 1:00pm-2:00pm")

That evening, Adrian Cross boarded the tube with Chloe with the defense override module, recently aquired from Steve Navarro. Jack pursued them down the escalator to the Circle Line, but did not manage to board the train in time to catch them. He called in to the CIA that they were heading Eastbound, and to track to the train. Shortly thereafter, Adrian and Chloe caused the tube to pull an emergency stop, and they got out via an exit with no CCTV. ("Day 9: 8:00pm-9:00pm")

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  • The voice heard announcing that the train was arriving at Waterloo Station, and that it was a train to Neasden, is not the actual voice that is used on the London Underground.
  • The Northern Line does not go to Neasden; in fact Neasden is on the Jubilee line.
  • All three train platforms visited by Jack (Waterloo, Charing Cross, Liverpool Street) were filmed on the same disused Jubilee line platform at the real-life Charing Cross station.

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