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The London drone crisis was a terror plot by Al-Qaeda within the European Union commander Margot Al-Harazi to get revenge for the death of her husband Mahmoud Al-Harazi two years before in a drone attack. Margot intended to use a device created by Open Cell member Derrick Yates to hijack ten US drones and threaten London with them to force US President James Heller to surrender himself to her for execution or she would kill thousands of people.

The crisis drove internationally wanted fugitive Jack Bauer out of hiding to save Heller who was a personal friend and the father of the woman he loved, Audrey Boudreau. Cooperating with the CIA and Chloe O'Brian, now a member of Open Cell herself, Jack hunted down Margot in time to stop an attack on Waterloo Station and kill the terrorist. However, many people died as a result of the attacks throughout the crisis which led into another when Cheng Zhi got his hands on the device Margot used for his own terror plot.

Before Day 9Edit

Death of Mahmoud Al-HaraziEdit

Two years before Day 9, Al-Qaeda within the European Union commander Mahmoud Al-Harazi was killed in a drone strike in Ghundi Kala. Twenty-three others, including six children, were also killed in the drone strike. Mahmoud's wife, radicalized terrorist Margot Al-Harazi managed to survive the strike and began plotting revenge on US President James Heller who had authorized the attack. She was aided in her efforts by her children Ian and Simone. ("Day 9: 3:00pm-4:00pm")

Deal with Cheng ZhiEdit

Feeling he needed to get more funding for his operations, Open Cell leader Adrian Cross struck a deal with Cheng Zhi for funding in exchange for creating a device that would allow Cheng to hack any weapons system in the world. Cross intended to ultimately double-cross Cheng and use his device to render technological warfare obsolete, but was unaware that Cheng was not a representative of the Chinese government as he claimed but rather an international terrorist plotting to use the device to cause a war between the United States and China in revenge for his country abandoning him. ("Day 9: 8:00pm-9:00pm")

Trading with Margot Al-HaraziEdit

Seeing Cross' device as a source of profit, Open Cell member Derrick Yates went rogue, stole the design for the device and set out to find a buyer. Yates eventually located Margot Al-Harazi who wanted the device so she could take control of ten US drones to get her revenge on President James Heller for the death of her husband. Yates agreed to create such a device and stole Cross' designs which he modified to work solely on the US drone fleet instead of all weapons systems. Unknown to him, his Eastern European girlfriend Simone was actually Simone Al-Harazi, Margot's daughter who she had sent to keep an eye on him and kill Yates if he changed his mind about selling the device to her. ("Day 9: 1:00pm-2:00pm", "Day 9: 8:00pm-9:00pm")

Aftermath of Day 8Edit

Following his role in the Kamistani peace treaty cover-up, Jack Bauer was wanted by both the United States and Russia for treason and murder. Jack fled the United States and eventually started working for major arms dealer Karl Rask who had dealings with many groups, including Margot Al-Harazi and her terrorist organization. Using his position in Rask's organization, Jack was able to take down a human smuggling operation and a major drug cartel though he was working for no one but himself. Two weeks before Day 9, Jack intercepted intelligence on Margot Al-Harazi's intended attack on President Heller. However, he only found the date of the planned attack and one other clue, that the attack was connected to Derrick Yates of Open Cell. Wanting to save Heller for both his old friend and Heller's daughter Audrey who Jack loved, Jack abandoned his position in Rask's organization to stop Margot. In doing so, he killed his partner Nils and made Rask want to kill him. ("Day 9: 12:00pm-1:00pm", "Day 9: 4:00pm-5:00pm")

After she helped Jack escape following his actions during Day 8, Chloe O'Brian was arrested and sent to prison though she was eventually released. Following her release, Chloe's husband and son were killed in a car accident that the other driver was never caught in. As Chloe was supposed to be driving Prescott home that day, Chloe believed the accident to be an assassination attempt targeted at her to silence her knowledge of the truth of what had happened. Chloe eventually joined Open Cell due to her belief that government secrets had led to her family's death and became wanted by the United States for her actions as part of the organization. Unknown to Chloe, Adrian Cross had discovered the truth about her family's death, that it really was just an accident and kept it to himself as he loved Chloe and didn't want to lose her. ("Day 9: 1:00pm-2:00pm", "Day 9: 8:00pm-9:00pm")

Day 9Edit

The Plot UnfoldsEdit

Capture of Jack BauerEdit

Having traced Derrick Yates to Open Cell where his old friend Chloe O'Brian worked, Jack Bauer decided to allow himself to be captured by the CIA who were holding Chloe in the Special Activities division of their London station for "enhanced interrogation" about her activities. To this end, Jack faked an intercept from Prague regarding his location in London, sending it from an Internet café three blocks from where he was really located. Believing the tip to be legitimate, the CIA sent a team from their London station led by Erik Ritter to capture Jack at the factory the intercept stated that he was hiding in. Pretending to be caught by surprise, Jack knocked out four agents, but didn't make for the building's roof, the best exit point as agent Kate Morgan expected but rather for the exit nearest the river. As he planned, Jack ended up surrounded by the CIA agents and captured. When the CIA Station Chief Steve Navarro informed White House Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau of Jack's capture, Boudreau ordered both Navarro and his assistant Ron Clark to keep Jack's capture on a need-to-know basis and to not inform President Heller. Believing that Jack was possibly there to harm the President, Boudreau ordered him turned over to Special Activities for "enhanced interrogation" and decided to turn Jack over to the Russians afterwards rather than let Heller and Audrey find out about Jack's presence in London. Despite the fact that Navarro believed that they did a good job with capturing Jack, Kate expressed concern at Jack's actions during his escape as his escape route made no sense.

Upon Jack's arrival at the CIA station, he was taken for interrogation by Navarro who wanted to see what he could get out of Jack before he was sent to Special Activities. While Kate asked for the original intercept that led to Jack's capture, Ritter refused to give it to her, telling Kate that she was not cleared to see it. However, analyst Jordan Reed, who didn't agree with Kate being transferred back to the United States because of her not knowing that her husband was selling secrets to the Chinese, brought Kate a copy of the intercept. Examining it, Kate noticed that the timestamp didn't match and thus it was not sent from Prague. Though Navarro tried to reason with Jack that if he told them what he was doing in London Navarro would stop the transfer to Special Activities, Jack refused to yield with the polygraph detecting nothing from him. While Navarro continued to be frustrated by his interrogation of Jack, Jordan discovered the true location that the intercept came from and Kate realized that Jack had likely sent it himself. While she informed Navarro of this development, he remained skeptical that Jack would ensure his own capture. As the transfer order to Special Activities for Jack came through, Kate locked herself in the interrogation room with Jack and demanded to know who he was looking for at the CIA station. This accusation caused Jack to finally react enough for his polygraph to spike, but Navarro pulled Kate out before she could learn anything useful and accused her of transferring her frustration about her husband's betrayal onto Jack. When Kate refused to relent, Navarro ordered her out of the building. Still believing herself to be right, Kate overpowered the guard escorting her out and contacted Jordan to locate anyone in the building with connections to Jack.

As Jack was escorted to Special Activities, Belcheck connected a computer to the building's power outlet and Jack activated a device hidden in his wrist, sending a signal to Belcheck who used his computer to shut off the building's power through the connection he established with the power outlet. Jack was able to use the distraction caused by Belcheck to overpower Ritter and the other guards escorting him to Special Activities. Reaching Special Activities, Jack threatened Agent Dean and forced him to take him to Chloe. Once he reached Chloe, Jack knocked out Dean and used adrenaline to wake his friend. At the same time, Jordan discovered Jack's connection to Chloe and alerted Kate who found Ritter and Brandon down and raised the alarm and ordered Jordan to initiate a Level 5 lockdown. Jack then proceeded to take Chloe down a corridor where he opened gas pipes. As Kate found them, Jack ignited the gas with a gunshot, causing an explosion that damaged the CIA station. Jack was cornered by Kate and ordered to put down his gun, but he once again activated the device in his wrist, signaling Belcheck who blasted a hole in the celling near Jack with a grenade launcher. The explosion knocked Kate down and Jack and Chloe escaped up a ladder into Belcheck's van before Kate could recover and catch them.

After Jack escaped, Kate demanded to be reinstated to track Jack down, threatening to tell Mark Boudreau that Navarro refused to listen to her about Jack's motives. Navarro reluctantly agreed to reinstate her while Jack sent Chloe to go to safety on her own with a cell phone he gave her. However, Jack really equipped the phone with a tracking device as he needed Chloe's help and couldn't risk her saying no as he didn't trust her anymore due to her connections to Open Cell. ("Day 9: 11:00am-12:00pm")

Attack in the Kajaki ProvinceEdit

After Yates completed his override device, Margot demanded a demonstration of the device's effectiveness. To this end, Yates used the device to hijack a drone piloted by Lieutenant Chris Tanner in the Kajaki Province of Afghanistan and planted evidence that would make it seem like Tanner would initiate an attack on his own due to his hatred of his commanding officer, Major Shepherd. Having taken control of the MQ-1 Predator drone, Yates used it to destroy a military convoy commanded by Sheppard, killing two American and two British soldiers. ("Day 9: 11:00am-12:00pm")

Following the attack, Yates was contacted by Margot who was impressed by the effectiveness of his device. Yates promised her that he had found the perfect patsy to frame in Chris Tanner and told her about the evidence he planted that would make sure that Tanner was blamed for the attack. As Yates planned, Tanner was blamed for the attack since Sheppard had just revoked his weekend pass and they found something supposedly written by Tanner stating that he would kill Shepherd. They also checked Tanner's flight key for his keystrokes which showed that Tanner fired the missiles from the drone. Despite Tanner's pleas of innocence, Captain Greg Denovo refused to believe him.

Around twenty minutes after the drone attack, President Heller was informed while at a reception at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Before Heller could inform British Prime Minister Alastair Davies of the attack himself, Davies was informed by his own generals and left. Despite the objections of Boudreau and General Coburn, Heller chose to allow the Royal Military Police to interrogate Tanner while he spoke to Parliament about the drone attack. Tanner was later transferred to the U.S. Embassy for his interrogation with Denovo commenting that the anti-drone protestors at the Embassy would tear him limb from limb if they knew who he was.

Despite Boudreau and Audrey's protests, Heller spoke in front of Parliament with Prime Minister Davies support and Parliament demanded answers from him about what he would do about the drone attack and accused him of murder and being unable to control his own troops. Heller at first was overwhelmed by Parliament's accusations, but eventually managed to get them to calm down and let him speak. In his speech, Heller acknowledged that nothing could bring back the men they lost and implored Parliament to let their two countries find a way to move forward in renewed trust to combat the shared enemies they would face. Heller thanked the MPs for their time and the "special relationship" between their countries. Heller's speech successfully calmed Parliament who applauded him while Audrey told him that his speech was perfect. ("Day 9: 12:00pm-1:00pm", "Day 9: 1:00pm-2:00pm", "Day 9: 2:00pm-3:00pm")

Hunt for Jack BauerEdit

Following Jack's escape from the CIA station, Kate had all of Chloe's things brought to her and noticed that Chloe had a cell phone. After finding out that it was a pre-paid phone from a stolen shipment, Kate contacted Detective Inspector Ken of the London police to track the remaining phones from the shipment. Ken reluctantly complied after Kate threatened to reveal that he had been working for the CIA for the past three years. Moments after President Heller was informed of the drone attack in the Kajaki Province, Ron Clark informed Boudreau of Jack's escape and how he had broken out Chloe. Boudreau instructed Ron to keep looking, threatening Ron's job if Jack was not found.

After Jack activated two phones from the stolen shipment in his hunt for Derrick Yates, Kate was notified of the development along with the location of the phones and led a team with Ritter to the West Ealing council estate that the phones were tracked to. Kate's team located the signal from Chloe's phone and found her van, but Chloe had destroyed her computer and left her cell phone behind by the time they got there. Kate questioned Yates on Jack's location as he fled and then intercepted Jack as he chased Yates. Jack begged Kate to stop Yates and Simone from escaping, but as she considered it, Aron Bashir fired at them and Jack used the opportunity to flee as the CIA exchanged shots with Bashir. Kate's team then chased Jack into a parking garage where Jack took Kate captive and told her they were chasing the wrong guy as he was trying to stop an attack on President Heller. When Kate tried to escape Jack's hold, Jack knocked her out and fled outside where Chloe arrived in a getaway car she had stolen for them after she'd been forced to abandon their van. The CIA team then captured Bashir and his men for interrogation. ("Day 9: 12:00pm-1:00pm")

After arresting Bashir and his men, Kate questioned them about why Jack had come to their council estate. After Kate promised to get Donny medical treatment for his injuries, he broke down and informed her that Jack had come looking for Derrick Yates. However, Bashir ordered him to shut up before he could tell Kate more and Kate started questioning Bashir instead. However, Bashir knew that Kate wasn't with the local police and had no jurisdiction there and ordered her to "piss off." Ritter got a call from Navarro who had learned that the London police had received reports of Americans shooting up a housing project in West Ealing and ordered Ritter to leave as the CIA couldn't afford to be caught operating on British soil. After hearing what Navarro wanted, Kate agreed to release the drug dealers, but knocked out Bashir and kidnapped him as he knew what Jack wanted at the estate and they needed to know what he knew. Ritter reluctantly agreed to aid Kate in her efforts to get information against orders.

After receiving a rendition order to give Jack to the Russians from Ron Clark, Boudreau decides to forge President Heller's signature on it rather than give it to Heller to sign as he was supposed to do as Boudreau wanted to protect Heller and Audrey from the knowledge of Jack's return.

In order to force Bashir to talk, Kate had Ritter drive them to a decrepit tunnel where the Tamil Boys were located. Bashir's gang had ripped off the Tamil Boys on a heroin deal and killed one of their members. Kate threatened to release Bashir in the tunnel with the gang members if he didn't talk. Bashir finally gave in when the Tamil Boys started to surround the car and told the two CIA agents that he had been protecting Yates while he worked on some kind of drone interface and the only other thing he knew was that Yates had mentioned someone named Tanner. Convinced that Bashir had told them all he knew, Kate had Ritter drive them away as the gang members started to surround the car.

After having dropped Bashir off, Kate looked into Chris Tanner's file and told Ritter about Tanner's insistence that someone took control of his drone and made it attack the convoy in the Kajaki Province but the Department of Defense was unable to find any proof of his claims. With the information from Bashir and the fact that Jack was chasing Yates who was creating a drone interface, Kate recognized that something was going on, but was unable to put the puzzle together yet. Kate's actions earned her Ritter's admiration as he had previously disliked her due to her missing her husband's treasonous actions. Kate admitted to Ritter that she too wondered how she missed what her husband was up to before she got a call from Navarro. While initially furious, after Kate informed him that she found a link between Jack and the drone attack, Navarro authorized Kate to go to the U.S. Embassy and question Tanner herself. ("Day 9: 1:00pm-2:00pm")

Hunt for Derrick YatesEdit

After Jack rescued her, Chloe returned to Open Cell where Adrian Cross ordered everyone to leave after learning that Jack Bauer had rescued Chloe. Jack and Belcheck then arrived and held all of Open Cell captive. Jack then demanded of Open Cell which one of them was Derrick Yates, but was informed by Cross that Yates no longer worked for the organization due to a "clash of styles." As Jack threatened Cross for information on where Yates was located, a frightened Chloe agreed to help Jack find Yates if he told her why he needed to locate the man. Jack proceeded to explain how he had intercepted intelligence about an attack on President Heller in London that day and how Yates was involved in the attack. Cross informed Jack that he had kicked Yates out as Yates was trying to auction off intelligence files and hack into advanced military systems which was against the principles of Open Cell. However, Jack continued to believe that what Open Cell was doing was far from benign and ordered Chloe to start tracking down Yates. After Chloe noticed that Belcheck was a killer from the Serbian mob, Jack explained that he was saving Heller not as he believed it would allow him to go home, but because Heller was a good man that deserved to be saved. Chloe told Jack her belief that what intelligence agencies do is criminal which was why she was working with Open Cell and ordered Jack not to judge her after what she had been through. As Jack and Chloe argued, Chell found footage of the drone attack and informed everyone. As the drone was being tracked through the Millstar satellite system, the same system Yates had been hacking into, Jack realized that the drone attack was likely a dry run and drones would be used to attack President Heller to prove a point. Wanting to get rid of Jack, Cross used his connections to locate Yates for him at a council estate in West Ealing owned by Yates' heroin dealer Aron Bashir. Jack reluctantly agreed to let Chloe aid him in infiltrating the estate by providing comm support and hacking the estate's CCTV system. However, Jack left Belcheck to keep an eye on Open Cell. Jack and Chloe took with them two pre-paid cell phones from a shipment stolen by Open Cell in order to communicate with each other.

In order to create a distraction, Jack had Chloe cut the CCTV feed from the rear camera on the estate and then hung Donny from a pole so that Bashir noticed it when the camera feed came back up. Bashir sent two men to investigate which allowed Chloe to see where they came from. Once the men were gone, Jack grabbed Mick as a hostage and demanded Yates in exchange for Mick's life. However, Bashir simply had one of his men shoot Mick dead so Jack no longer had a hostage and Jack engaged Bashir and his men in a fight, injuring Bashir and killing two more of his men. Taking advantage of the distraction, Yates and his girlfriend Simone fled out the window, taking the device and destroying Yates' computer. Jack chased after them, taking a USB drive left in the computer. At the same time, Cross called Chloe and warned her that the CIA was coming. In response, Chloe ditched her cell phone and van and destroyed her computer.

After evading the CIA, Jack had Chloe check Yates' USB drive and she discovered that it had the device's control software which would be enough proof to bring to the government of the coming threat. However, the drive started to self-destruct and take Chloe's computer with it. Chloe removed the drive, but was only able to save a piece of the schematic for the device. Needing to find Yates, Jack ordered Chloe to look through CCTV footage for him.

After arriving at a nearby pub, Yates informed Simone of his belief that Margot had sent Jack to kill him so she wouldn't have to pay for his device and thus he planned to find a new buyer. As Yates used the bathroom, Simone killed him by stabbing him in the head with a knife and called Margot, her mother, to inform her that an American had tried to take the device but she had it now. She also informed Margot of the fact that she had killed Yates and taken the device as he planned to sell it to someone else. Margot then ordered Simone to come home soon as "Mummy's waiting." ("Day 9: 12:00pm-1:00pm")

Hunt for Simone Al-HaraziEdit

Chloe eventually located Yates and Simone on the CCTV system entering the pub, but when they arrived, Jack found Yates' body and Simone's discarded wig. The two then began hunting Simone instead and Chloe located Simone entering Kennington Station and boarding a train headed north for Waterloo Station six minutes before. After they reached Waterloo Station, Jack headed inside to board Simone's train while Chloe followed on surface streets. However, Simone noticed Jack and cut open her own thigh and smeared blood on her face to make it appear as if Jack attacked her. She then left the train at Charing Cross Station and as Jack confronted her, yelled that Jack was trying to kill her. Seeing her injury, two commuters believed her story and intervened, allowing Simone time to get away as Jack dealt with the two men. Simone escaped out a service tunnel and while Chloe was outside and could've caught her, Chloe got distracted by the sight of a couple and their son that reminded her of her own dead family. With Chloe distracted, Simone was able to get into a taxi and successfully escape.

After discovering that Simone had escaped, Jack confronted Chloe on her letting Simone escape and Chloe told him of how she thought she saw her dead family. After learning that Jack didn't know of her family's death, Chloe told him about how they died and she believed it to be an attack directed at her as she knew what really happened the day Jack went into hiding. Jack told Chloe they couldn't bring back those they lost but could honor their memories by protecting the innocent and moving forward. He then asked for her help in stopping the attacks as even without Heller being a target, thousands of innocent people would be in danger if the drone attacks were successful. Chloe agreed to help Jack stop the plot.

Following Simone's escape, Jack had Chloe run facial recognition software against a picture of Simone from the CCTV cameras. Chloe was able to find an Interpol file on Simone and identify her as Simone Al-Harazi, a terrorist wanted for numerous crimes. Recognizing Simone's last name, Jack asked if Simone was related to Margot Al-Harazi and Chloe was able to find that Simone was Margot's daughter. From the Interpol files and Jack's knowledge, the two discovered Margot's history of terrorism with her husband Mahmoud who was killed in a drone attack two years before. This information caused Jack to realize that Margot was behind the plot against Heller, wanting revenge as Heller would've authorized the drone attack that killed her husband. ("Day 9: 1:00pm-2:00pm")

Crisis at the US EmbassyEdit

After identifying Simone, Jack and Chloe returned to Open Cell where they informed Cross of the developments. While Cross insisted that Open Cell helped him find Yates as promised, Jack reminded him that each drone that is vulnerable to the terrorists carries six Hellfire missiles which could cause unthinkable destruction and he needed Open Cell's resources to find proof that the drone in the attack was hijacked so he could prove the upcoming attack to President Heller. After being informed by Pete and Chell that Tanner and his flight key, which would contain the needed proof, was on their way to the U.S. Embassy, Jack asked Chloe for her help with forging an identity so he could enter the Embassy and find the flight key. After being told that Chloe couldn't do it alone, Jack asked Cross for his help and Cross reluctantly agreed to give Jack the help he needed.

Disguised as a man named Ron Fairbanks delivering diplomatic documents, Jack attempted to gain entry to the Embassy with the fake identity Chloe and Chell prepared for him. However, in an attempt to get rid of Jack, Cross purposefully input an invalid visitor's code for Jack's identity which would result in the Marines realizing Jack was an imposter and arresting him. Though Chell was left uncomfortable, she chose not to expose Cross' deception and told Chloe and Jack that the identity was ready. Jack gave his ID to the Marines guarding the gate, but realized that something was wrong when they started to take too long. Though Cross assured Chloe that everything was fine, she realized from the look on Chell's face that something was wrong and warned Jack to abort the mission. Instead, Jack decided to create a distraction and attacked a police officer and stole his gun. Having hidden the gun under his coat, Jack shot two anti-drone protestors in the leg and yelled that they were under attack. The apparent attack on the protestors started a riot and Jack managed to enter the Embassy in the confusion as Kate Morgan spotted him and desperately called to Jack to stop to no avail. ("Day 9: 1:00pm-2:00pm")

Having gotten inside thanks to his diversion, Jack knocked out a Diplomatic Security Service agent and took his pass and jacket and started searching for Tanner.

Having realized what Cross did, Chloe angrily confronted him about his actions, but Cross was unrepentant, telling Chloe that he was trying to get rid of Jack and that he did not create Open Cell to help governments stop problems that they themselves had created. Belcheck warned that he only allowed Cross to live after his betrayal as they might still have need of him and questioned Chloe on how she planned to get Jack out safely. Chloe just told Belcheck that she had to help Jack as he'd saved her life which Belcheck told her was something they had in common.

Following Chloe's directions, Jack reached the room Tanner was being held in and claimed to Captain Denovo that he was there to get Denovo and Tanner to safety before the rioters could reach them. However, Denovo was suspicious of Jack's intentions and when the phone began to ring, went to answer it, forcing Jack to knock him out. Jack then reassured Tanner that he wasn't there to hurt him and instead needed Tanner's flight key to prove that the same people who hijacked Tanner's drone and attacked the convoy were planning a major terrorist attack and to clear Tanner's name. Relieved that someone finally believed his story, Tanner directed Jack to Denovo who had the flight key on his person. After he retrieved the flight key, Jack then quickly fled as Chloe alerted him to the fact that the Marines had arrived on his floor.

Having entered the Embassy after the riot was over, Kate and Ritter informed the Marine commander Captain Kevin Cordero of Jack Bauer being in the building. Accompanied by Lopez, Osborne and two other Marines, Cordero agreed to take them to Tanner's room. When they arrived at the room, they found Denovo just regaining consciousness and though Tanner refused to talk, Denovo informed them of Jack's presence and that he had stolen the flight key. Cordero then quickly ordered every keypad in the building to be locked down. Kate then informed Navarro that they were searching the building floor by floor for Jack and Tanner's flight key and she no longer believed it to be likely that Tanner and Jack were working together. Navarro ordered her to keep him posted before leaving Kate to continue her search.

After having fled Tanner's room, Chloe guided Jack to a street-level exit, but he found that his pass no longer worked due to Cordero locking down the building. After Chloe could find no other way out for him, Jack shifted his plan to locating the Embassy's secure communications room and using it to upload the flight key data to Open Cell instead of physically taking it there. Though Chloe warned him that there was no way out for him, that he would be either captured or killed, Jack still decided to continue with his plan.

Jack eventually located the secure communications room and took a man and two women hostage as he took over the room. Having gotten a secure room to upload the flight key data to Open Cell, Jack took control of one of the room's terminals and followed Chloe's instructions to open a T-Net session to upload the data to a secure IP address. When the data took a long time to start uploading, Cross revealed that it was heavily encrypted, but sent Jack an encryption program to deal with the problem and the upload resumed. Shortly afterwards, Chloe warned Jack that the Marines were seconds from the room and after Chloe confirmed that the Marines were likely wearing body armor, Jack had Jenny open the door and then shot two of the Marines in the chest where their body armor would protect them. Jack then yelled that he had hostages and ordered Jenny to close the door as the Marines fired at him.

As President Heller concluded his speech to Parliament, Navarro informed Boudreau of Jack's actions at the Embassy and he realized that he needed to inform the President about Jack's return before the information leaked out and he found out another way. With no other choice, Boudreau informed Heller and Audrey of the fact that Jack Bauer had returned and claimed that he had kept it from them until he had gathered all the facts. While the Marines were ready to recapture the room on Heller's command, Heller instead decided to talk to Jack first before he ordered him taken down.

Jack continued his efforts to upload the flight key data, but the upload went slowly and Chloe asked Cross if there was anything they could do to speed it up. Cross informed her that they couldn't do anything as Jack's computer only had a single processor and insisted that he was helping for Chloe's sake, not Jack's when she expressed doubt about her ability to trust him after his earlier betrayal. Reluctantly trusting Cross, Chloe informed Jack that they couldn't speed up the upload and that it would take twenty to thirty minutes to complete. Cordero then contacted Jack stating that he wanted to find a peaceful resolution to the situation, but Jack just threatened to kill the hostages if the Marines attempted to storm the room again. While Cordero informed his men that he would not give Jack another chance to shoot them, Jack assured his hostages that he had no intention of harming them despite his threats.

As the standoff continued, Kate and Ritter returned to Tanner and introduced themselves with Ritter telling Tanner that Jack was cornered and Tanner couldn't expect help from him in escaping. Tanner informed the CIA agents that he had only met Jack that day and then repeated to them what Jack had said about the people who hijacked his drone intending to do it again for a larger terrorist attack. While Ritter didn't believe Tanner, Kate remembered that Jack had told her at the council estate that he was in London to stop an attack on President Heller. Kate knew that if there was even a chance that Jack was telling the truth they needed to get into contact with him and find out for sure. Though Kate pleaded with Cordero to let her speak to Jack before the Marines stormed the communications room, Cordero refused, telling Kate that he wouldn't add another variable to a dangerous situation. Frustrated with Cordero's unwillingness to cooperate with her, Kate contacted Navarro and Jordan and informed them of Tanner's story and her need to get Jack to corroborate what he told Tanner. While Navarro refused to override Cordero, he informed her that the President would be calling Jack shortly and agreed to have Jordan patch her into the conversation. When Jordan suggested that Kate's instincts about Jack might be right and Jack might be telling the truth, Navarro told Jordan that he was simply remaining objective which he stated Jordan wasn't doing due to his feelings for Kate. Navarro then proceeded to remind Jordan that Kate was not infallible as she was unaware of what her husband was really doing.

At 2:42pm, Jack received another phone call and was surprised to find that it was Heller himself and not Cordero as he expected. Now that he was given the chance to explain his actions, Jack told Heller about Derrick Yates' override device and how he believed Margot Al-Harazi intended to use it in a massive terrorist attack. Jack explained that his plan had been to use the flight key data to prove that the override device existed and then turn himself in with the evidence. Jack refused to tell Heller who had been helping him and asked for fifteen more minutes to finish the upload and get his proof. While Heller admonished Jack for not coming to him instead of taking the actions that he did, Jack reminded Heller that it was Heller's administration that labeled Jack a terrorist and prevented him from telling his side of the story. As a result, Jack was forced to pursue the threat alone until he had the proof he needed that the threat existed. Jack then reminded Heller that despite their differences, he had always told Heller the truth and promised that he was doing so again and asked Heller to trust him.

After ending the call, Heller asked if Jack could be telling the truth and General Coburn informed Heller that they had found no proof of tampering and that their safeguards on the drone system should've prevented such hacking from being able to occur. However, Audrey reminded them that Jack's story was possible and he had no reason to have made it up. Boudreau informed Heller that Jack had broken Chloe O'Brian out of the CIA station and was working with Open Cell. Boudreau insisted that the terror plot story was a cover while Jack actually uploaded classified documents from the Embassy to Open Cell which would place American assets and lives at risk. While Heller hesitated due to his and Audrey's history with Jack, Boudreau reminded him of Jack's actions four years before which he fled the country after and suggested that Jack was not the same man Heller remembered. After some hesitation, Heller chose to order the Marines sent in as soon as they were ready. Upset with her father's decision and her husband pushing to stop Jack, Audrey left the room at 2:53pm followed closely by Boudreau. Boudreau suggested that Audrey was allowing her history with Jack to cloud her judgment and insisted that he was trying to find out more before he told them about Jack's return. Audrey was able to determine that Boudreau was lying and informed him that he was the one that was letting his history with Jack cloud his judgment, not her. Audrey insisted that Jack was telling the truth and she could tell as the person who knew him best in the room during his phone call.

At 2:51pm, Chloe showed Cross footage of a drone strike from a few years before and informed him that the new drones were even more destructive than the ones that caused the destruction in the footage. Chloe told Cross to think about the effects the drones could have on a city like London and reminded him that the Marines were about to kill Jack and stop any chance of preventing Margot's attack. Chloe pleaded with Cross to tell her if he knew of a better way to convince the government of the threat, but he just apologized to her and told Chloe that she had to let Jack go.

Having received authorization from the President, Cordero began to prepare his assault to retake the communications room and ordered his men to do whatever it took to protect the hostages once the assault began. However, Cordero also ordered Arthur to kill Jack as soon as he had a clear shot. At the same time, having heard Jack's side of the story convinced Kate he was telling the truth after all of his actions taken during the past few hours and what she had learned from Tanner and Bashir. Kate called Navarro and Jordan who confirmed that Margot Al-Harazi's background checked out with the story as well, but while Navarro agreed to check for signs of activity from Margot, he informed Kate he could not call off the Marine assault. Unable to stop the assault, Kate decided to use an air duct to enter the room before the Marines and convince Jack to surrender against Ritter's protests. As Cordero prepared to start the raid, Ritter informed him of Kate's actions and urged Cordero to give Kate a chance to talk Jack down. However, Cordero refused to let Kate try and had Ritter removed from the scene.

With the upload having only reached 69%, Chloe informed Jack that the Marines were cutting off the camera feeds, an indicator that they were about to start their assault on the communications room. As Jack heard the Marines prepare explosives to blow down the door, he realized that Heller gave the order to assault the room rather than give him the time he requested. Jack then blocked the door with a cabinet to buy more time and shielded the hostages with a table as he prepared his gun for a fight. As he waited, Jack heard Kate in the air duct and fired a warning shot at her. Kate informed him that she was unarmed before dropping into the room and telling Jack that she believed him about the terrorist threat. Kate insisted that while Jack didn't have time to finish the upload before the Marines broke in and killed him, he had another option: give her the flight key and she could get it out of the room and finish the upload for him. While Jack was reluctant to trust Kate, she insisted that he had no other options and she really believed his story. With Chloe's urging, Jack agreed to trust Kate and surrendered himself to her.

Moments after Jack surrendered himself to Kate, the Marines broke into the room only for Kate to inform them that Jack had surrendered to her and was now in her custody. As Jack had surrendered, Cordero reluctantly called off Arthur as Kate handcuffed Jack, having discreetly taken the flight key before the Marines stormed in. ("Day 9: 2:00pm-3:00pm")

At 3:02pm, a disgruntled Cordero informed Kate that the operation was under his jurisdiction, not that of the CIA. When Kate reminded him that she had saved Jack's life by intervening and getting him to surrender, Cordero believed that Jack should've died after shooting his men despite Kate pointing out that Jack didn't actually hurt them. Cordero proceeded to threaten Kate's job for her actions, but Kate was unconcerned. After one of Cordero's men searched for the flight key on Jack and failed to find it, Kate claimed that the flight key had to have been destroyed in the explosion and left the room.

Having taken Jack's comlink, Kate informed Chloe that Jack was in the hands of the Marines but safe. Chloe then ordered Kate, who had secretly taken the flight key, to get to a computer so she could finish the upload that Jack had started with. When questioned by Ritter, Kate continued to believe Jack's story about the attack and produced the flight key when Ritter pointed out that no one believed that an attack was coming. Kate told Ritter that she would get the proof off of the flight key by sending the data to Chloe. Once Kate reached her and Ritter's SUV, she opened her laptop and informed Chloe she had reached a computer. Chloe ordered Kate to plug the flight key into the USB port at which point the encryption program would automatically restore the link to Open Cell and resume the upload. Kate followed Chloe's instructions and completed the upload for Jack. As the upload resumed, Kate asked if Open Cell would be able to find the proof they needed. Chloe just told Kate that when they found it, Kate had to get it to the right people which she promised to do.

After the upload completed, Chloe and Cross went through the flight key data, but got halfway through it without finding anything useful. Chloe reprimanded Cross when he pointed that out as due to his actions, Jack faced jail time. Cross finally found a cleverly hidden override code which he highlighted for Chloe. With the proof in hand, Chloe contacted Kate and sent an image of it to her cell phone. Kate then informed Navarro and sent the image of the override code to Jordan. Jordan was able to verify the override code's authenticity and Navarro quickly had President Heller called.

At 3:10pm, once Heller was on the phone, Navarro informed him, Boudreau and General Coburn of Kate's discovery. Kate, having joined the conversation informed them that Margot had the technology to take control of US drones and launch an attack and thus they needed to take action. Now finally believing Jack's story, Heller ordered General Coburn to lock down all of their drones. Coburn complied, but Margot noticed the drones turning around and realized that they had been found out. Margot quickly ordered Naveed to transmit the override and though he tried to stall stating that they only had contact with six drones, Margot threatened Simone again to get him to comply. At 3:13pm, President Heller and General Coburn watched as all but six drones followed the recall order. The remaining six drones failed to respond as they were under the control of Margot and the Americans lost contact with them. ("Day 9: 3:00pm-4:00pm")

Dissension amongst the Al-Harazi'sEdit

After escaping Jack and Chloe, Simone returned to her mother's estate where she informed her of Jack's pursuit but that she got away clean. Simone gave the override device to her brother Ian who would require an hour to adapt the device to their systems. While Simone was reunited with her husband Naveed, he was left disgusted by what Simone did with Yates and was unresponsive to her affections. After sending Simone to tend to her wound, Margot told Naveed that she had to do similar things for her and her husband's operations and that it would be best to allow Simone to be a wife to him now that she had returned.

Margot later lectured Simone on being careless as "the American" found her and Margot worried that Simone's carelessness could let him find their entire operation. Margot informed Simone of her belief that their actions would change history and that they could not afford any margin for error. Simone promised her mother that she would not let her guard down again. Naveed later showed doubts about being able to kill innocent people due to the nightmares that the idea brought him, but Simone comforted him and they had sex, unaware of Margot spying on them through a hidden camera. ("Day 9: 1:00pm-2:00pm")

At 2:13pm, Ian informed Margot that he had successfully interfaced the override device with their systems, but adapting the flight software would take about another hour. While in bed with Naveed, Simone expressed just how much she missed her husband and her excitement that once the day is over, they could finally do all the things that they'd had to put off. Naveed revealed that he no longer wanted to be part of Margot's plan and to that extent, had formed an escape plan. While he could've gone a week before, Naveed stayed so that Simone could go with him and he could spend the rest of his life with her free of her mother's influence. Though reluctant at first, Simone eventually agreed to escape with Naveed. At 2:23pm Simone sat down with her mother for tea and informed Margot of Naveed's plan and claimed that she just went along with it until she and Margot could decide how to handle it. Margot told Simone that Naveed was lucky Simone cared for him greatly and that Margot was willing to do whatever it took to get Naveed to fly the drones.

At 2:37pm, Simone and Margot entered Simone's room to find Naveed packing his bag. Margot's presence caused Naveed to realize that Simone had given him up which Margot confirmed though she admitted that Simone did not give him up easily. Margot told Naveed that his actions were a stain upon his honor but that she would give him one chance to redeem himself. However, Naveed refused to pilot the drones as he knew that murdering innocents was wrong and that if Simone ever got free of her mother's influence, she would see it too. Though Margot believed that her husband would hate Naveed and his treachery against everything that they had fought for, Naveed stood firm and informed Margot that nothing she did to him would convince him to pilot the drones. Knowing that Naveed was telling the truth, Margot had one of her men restrain Naveed while another cut off Simone's left pinky finger. After Margot threatened Simone's other fingers, Naveed finally gave in and agreed to pilot the drones in exchange for Margot leaving Simone alone. With Naveed having been forced to come onboard fully, at just before 3:00pm, Ian revealed that they now had access to the entire drone fleet. Margot then ordered Ian to locate the ten most-heavily armed drones near London at which point Naveed would take control. ("Day 9: 2:00pm-3:00pm")

After control over the drones was established, Margot visited Simone and told her that what had happened was Margot's fault and for Simone not to blame herself for what it. Margot promised Simone that if she had known about what Naveed had planned beforehand, she would've taken less harsh, preemptive action. Margot then went to the control room where she informed Naveed that Simone would recover and Naveed promised to never put his wife through that again. He then informed Margot that they had control of four drones and needed five more minutes to get the last six under their control.

At 3:34pm, Naveed reported that they were on schedule and the first drone was fourteen minutes away from London. Margot agreed to Naveed's request to see Simone and Naveed informed Simone that he had left a way to trace the warning video Margot sent and hid a hard drive of evidence under the floorboards of their room for the authorities. Naveed promised Simone that when the authorities arrived, he would tell them that Simone was coerced into helping with the plot.

Just before 4:00pm, after Naveed's attempted treachery led to the CIA team falling into a trap, Margot informed Naveed that she no longer had need of him. Though Naveed insisted that what they were doing was wrong, Margot firmly believed there was nothing more important than avenging her husband's death. Though Naveed pleaded that Simone still loved him and Margot shouldn't kill him because of that, she ordered him to ask Simone who silently watched and did nothing to stop her mother. Margot then executed Naveed with a shot to the head. ("Day 9: 3:00pm-4:00pm")

Terrorism in LondonEdit

A video threat and a trapEdit

At 3:17pm, General Coburn informed President Heller that Margot Al-Harazi had taken control of six RQ-29 Vanguard stealth drones which could cause tens of thousands of casualties or worse. Coburn explained that the target seemed to be London where they were located and that it was impossible to shoot them down as they couldn't even detect the drones. When Heller demanded to talk to Jack, Boudreau informed him that Jack was already on the way and blamed himself for siding against Jack. However, Heller told him to forget it as did Audrey when Boudreau apologized to her. Audrey then left to set up a meeting with the British government to warn them of the drone threat.

At 3:20pm, Kate returned to the CIA station where Navarro was bringing the agents up to speed on the drone threat. Navarro pulled Kate aside and informed her that while her actions did help, Cordero caused trouble over them and she had been taken off the roster as a result and he believed that Kate was simply trying to make up for what her husband did. Jordan then interrupted them with the news that Margot had distributed a video across the Internet. In the video, Margot demanded Heller surrender himself to her within three hours to face justice for the death of her husband and twenty-three others, six of whom were children, or thousands of Londoners would die in his place. Having seen the video, Heller then demanded to be given all of the information they had on the drone attack.

At 3:28pm, after watching the video, Cross decided to move Open Cell, stating that it was not because of the video, but because Jack was in custody. When Chloe protested, Cross insisted that it wasn't their fight and admitted that he did wrong by Jack who was just trying to protect them.

After Margot's video was posted, General Coburn showed Heller footage of the drone attack that killed Margot's husband which showed her barely surviving. Heller noted however that Margot was right and that innocent children were killed in the attack. Boudreau countered that most of those killed were hostiles and that he didn't inform the President of the civilian causalities because their priorities were the drone program and killing Margot's husband. Boudreau insisted that he did the right thing as the details would've just distracted the President and the drone program was their best chance of limiting civilian casualties. Though Audrey agreed with her husband about this, Heller informed them that they gave Margot a moral victory: she didn't actually expect Heller to surrender to her and when she started the attack, she could blame Heller for it as he refused to face justice from her for the drone attack he authorized.

After Jack arrived, Heller met with him and informed him that Margot had hijacked six US drones and sent a threat video. Jack revealed that he had a contact that could help, but refused to tell Heller where to go to pick the man up as it was best to do it in secret. However, Heller refused to put Jack back into the field as the Russians could make trouble if they found out the Americans had Jack in their custody and didn't hand him over. Though Jack promised to hand himself over afterwards, Heller still refused and the two men insisted that their way was the only way. Heller eventually left to talk to the Prime Minister about the threat. At 3:42pm, Audrey visited Jack herself and updated him on their progress in tracking down Margot. After Audrey apologized for not defending him for his crimes from four years before, Jack admitted to committing the crimes he was accused of and ordered Audrey to leave. She reluctantly did so eventually.

At around 3:37pm, Jordan was able to trace the warning video due to Naveed's sabotage. Navarro promptly began gathering an assault team for the location including himself and Ritter.

Heller met with Prime Minister Davies and informed him of the threat. Davies was disappointed that such a thing could happen, especially after he had given Heller his support on the drone base issue. Heller then informed Davies that they had a lead on Margot's location and Navarro was personally leading the strike.

At 3:46pm, as Jordan guided Navarro's team through their approach to Margot's base, Kate got suspicious of how easy the trace on the video was and used Jack's comlink to discreetly contact Chloe once more. Chloe agreed with Kate's assessment that it all seemed too easy and agreed to take a look at the tape to see if she could find anything indicating that it was a trap. As Chloe needed the original to tell for sure, she walked Kate through opening a socket to grant her access to the CIA servers so that she could see the tape.

As Naveed looked around for the expected authorities, Margot informed him that she was aware of what he had done as Ian had figured it out and no one was coming. Margot had Naveed dragged out, believing that Ian could now take control of the drones successfully as he'd studied Naveed's actions. Margot then ordered Ian to be prepared in five minutes for the team arriving at the other house where she had laid a trap and to ensure there were no survivors which Ian agreed to.

At 3:53pm, Chloe continued her efforts to check into the possible trap despite the fact that Open Cell was leaving. Cross reminded her that they weren't being forced to help like before with Jack, but Chloe insisted that while she was helping the CIA, she was not joining them. Cross attempted to drag her with them, but was stopped by Belcheck. Though Chloe begged Cross to stay and help her, he simply told her he loved her and left.

Navarro and his team arrived at the trap house and began to raid it while Ian announced that they would be in firing range in two minutes. Chloe eventually learned that the IP address was planted and alerted Kate who quickly warned Navarro of the trap. Navarro began pulling his people out, but barely had time to start evacuating when Ian fired two missiles at the house from the drone. The house was destroyed, killing the people still inside. ("Day 9: 3:00pm-4:00pm")

At 4:02pm, the survivors of the CIA team searched the wreckage for more survivors while Boudreau informed President Heller that they were unaware of how many casualties the team had suffered. At Prime Minister Davies request, Heller had the technical data on the drones supplied to him and ordered that the Americans coordinate with the RAF. However, when he repeated himself, he drew Davies concern as he headed off to meet with his cabinet. As Heller ordered Audrey to have the Secret Service fetch Jack, Caroline Fowlds informed Davies of rumors of the President's declining mental health which left Davies worried that Heller may not be able to protect them from Margot's attack. Navarro later reported that the attack left four dead and another six wounded. including Ritter, who would recover. ("Day 9: 4:00pm-5:00pm")

Raid on Karl Rask's operationEdit

Having recognized the scope of the threat, Heller asked Jack about his plan and the man that Jack believed could lead them to Margot. Jack told him that he couldn't be sure, but he did believe the man could be used to locate Margot. However, Jack informed Heller that the man couldn't be broken in time or bought so they would have to do it his way. Heller agreed to Jack's terms and contacted Navarro and ordered him to give Jack what he needed for the mission. Jack asked for a field package, a car and a clean phone as well as to have Kate assigned to aid him. Though Navarro protested that Kate had only been out in the field provisionally, Heller ordered her reinstated and assigned to Jack as he had requested. Kate was then sent to meet up with Jack and Jordan warned her of his reservations on the matter since they couldn't send her any backup.

At 4:14pm, as Jack prepared his field package, Boudreau entered to give Jack the phone he asked for and to ask him about his conversation with Audrey. After being told that Jack and Audrey just talked, Boudreau ordered Jack to stay away from Audrey which Jack didn't see as being a problem as he only had prison to look forward to even if he succeeded in stopping Margot. As he left after being informed by a Secret Service agent that Kate was on her way, Jack told Boudreau that Audrey had said Boudreau was good to her. As he left, Jack called Chloe to ask her for everything that Open Cell had on Karl Rask and to speak to Belcheck.

As Prime Minister Davies informed his cabinet about the precautionary military presence he was setting up, he was called by Heller who informed him that they needed to hold off on the military presence due to their new plan to stop Margot. At Davies' insistence, Heller informed him of how Jack was meeting with an informant and Davies suggested that given Jack's history, they should just arrest the informant instead. Heller repeated to Davies what Jack had told him about how arresting his informant wouldn't work and asked Davies to keep the military off the streets for the next hour as Jack worked. Davies reluctantly agreed to the request and asked to be kept in the loop on the operation. Afterwards, Davies privately expressed doubt in Heller's judgment and after being reminded of Heller's medical condition, decided to have MI5 keep an eye on Jack's operation.

After Kate was checked for weapons by a Secret Service agent, Jack informed her that he asked for her help as it seemed like she could handle anything. Jack explained that his plan was to go to Karl Rask, an arms dealer the CIA had been hunting for years and get Margot's location from him using the fact that Rask was loyal but greedy. Jack had worked for Rask for the previous two years, but Rask would want him dead now. As Jack and Kate made their way to Rask's hideout, they were contacted by Chloe who informed them of her plan to use Rask accessing a decoy bank account to plant a virus in his computer which would allow her to access his records in order to locate Margot. Jack explained that while working for Rask he had been turning Rask's clients into the authorities in his own personal fight for justice. However, Rask would now be suspicious of him given his disappearance when he went to help Heller while in the middle of a job where he was transporting $200,000. Jack explained to Kate that his plan was to blame his now-dead partner Nils as the mole with Kate posing as Nils CIA contact. Jack informed Kate that for his plan to work, he would need to tranquilize her to prevent her being tortured. While Belcheck would be there to provide backup, it was a long shot and Jack couldn't force her to help. However, Kate chose to help as she knew that Jack's plan was the only way and tranquilized herself to his surprise. MI5 noticed Jack loading Kate's unconscious body into the trunk of his car and believed that he betrayed her. They informed Davies who decided to have the British handle the situation themselves rather than involving the Americans.

After putting Kate into the trunk of his car, Jack made his way to Rask's hideout where Rask confronted him about the fact that he sent Jack and Nils on a job and Nils was now dead. Jack admitted to killing Nils, but claimed it was because Nils betrayed them. Jack informed Rask that he brought Nils' CIA contact as proof and showed him Kate. Jack promised that Rask's money was waiting for him and that Kate was worth more to him alive than dead. Jack was left surprised when Rask, after his men found Kate's CIA badge, informed him that he had possession of anti-tranquilizers which would allow him to wake Kate up. Rask ordered Kate woken up while he discussed things with Jack. Though Belcheck witnessed this turn of events, Chloe ordered him not to do anything until Rask accessed the decoy bank account so that they could get into his computer without revealing themselves to him.

At 4:41pm, Rask's men woke Kate up and started brutally interrogating her. Belcheck warned Jack to hurry while Chloe informed him that he just needed to get Rask to sign into the decoy bank account. When Rask questioned him about his disappearance, Jack claimed that he was being watched by the CIA and couldn't get back sooner and that Rask's money was located in his GGS account. Rask then demanded to know if "Metzger" helped Jack set up the account while Chloe desperately tried to find out if there was such a person who worked for the bank though she suggested it was a bluff. Jack eventually took a chance and stated that there was no "Metzger." While Rask claimed not to believe Jack, after Jack continued to hold his ground, Rask admitted to the fact that he was bluffing Jack and allowed Jack to give him the account information. As Jack dealt with Rask, Belcheck noted that Kate was almost out of time, but Chloe insisted on waiting until Jack finished before saving her. Before Belcheck could take out Rask's men, he was overpowered by an MI5 agent as they rushed the building.

As Rask was logging onto the bank site, Kate desperately came up with a story to save herself, but her interrogator didn't believe her. As Rask was about to hit the Enter key which would've logged him onto the site and uploaded Chloe's virus onto his computer, MI5 stormed his headquarters. Jack and Rask fought over the computer while MI5's raid stopped Kate's interrogator from killing her and caused two of the three men near her to join the firefight. Kate took advantage of the moment and freed herself from the chain she was hung from, ultimately killing Rask's interrogator with the knife he had planned to use to kill her. She then used the man's gun to take out some of Rask's men as they charged into the room. Jack was eventually able to hit the Enter key on Rask's laptop which allowed Chloe to plant her virus and access it. Jack then aided MI5 in fighting Rask and his men and they took out most of them with several casualties to MI5. Jack eventually got the drop on Rask and forced him to surrender, but MI5 ordered Jack to surrender as well. Jack identified himself and his mission to Rask's shock, which lead to Rask grabbing a grenade from an agent which he then used to blow himself and two other agents up.

After MI5's raid, Jack informed Chloe he didn't know why they were there and after being told that Rask didn't have names on the transactions he made, he ordered Chloe to look for the biggest repeat payments. Chloe eventually located what they wanted and found Simone's cell phone number. Chloe then started tracking Simone's phone across South London. ("Day 9: 4:00pm-5:00pm")

After the raid ended with at least five MI5 agents dead, the lead agent let Jack go because he'd helped them. After Jack noticed that they had Belcheck amongst their prisoners, Jack released him to the lead agent's frustration. When Jack berated the agent for interfering, the agent informed him that MI5 had been sent by Prime Minister Davies and he could take it up with President Heller. When asked by Kate if the operation was worth it, Jack let her know that he gave Chloe everything he'd found and she was looking. Chloe called Jack back with the news that she'd traced the phone number she'd gotten from Rask's computer to a traffic accident involving Simone Al-Harazi who was hurt bad. Chloe told Jack that Simone had likely been taken to St. Edward's Hospital and was then forced to abandon Open Cell's headquarters as the police arrived.

After being given contact information for Margot that the CIA couldn't use to trace her, Heller was contacted by Jack about the operation. Jack informed him that they were able to track Simone Al-Harazi who was being taken to the hospital and asked for cooperation from the British police. Heller promised to get Jack that and Jack informed him of MI5's interference. Heller told Jack that he'd found it necessary to involve Davies before he hung up and berated Davies once he entered the room for interfering in his operation. Davies defended himself by pointing out that time was short and revealed his knowledge of Heller's medical condition and his sympathies for it. After Heller promised him that if he'd thought his condition would interfere with his ability to do his job, he would resign on the spot, Davies agreed to give Heller his full cooperation going forward.

At 5:28pm, Davies officially warned people of the terrorist threat through a news report. Heller then informed Boudreau and Audrey that he'd told Davies about his condition and that it wouldn't be long before other people found out. Heller informed them that once they got back to Washington, D.C., he was going to resign. ("Day 9: 5:00pm-6:00pm")

Attack on Farah and YasminEdit

At 4:07pm as Margot's men carried out Naveed's body, his cell phone started ringing. After finding the phone, Margot and her men listened to the message only to find that it was from Naveed's sister Farah about his plans to leave London with her. Worried about the possibility that Naveed had informed his sister of their plans, Margot ordered Simone to go to Farah and find out what she knew and if she had told anyone. Margot implied to Simone that if Farah had told anyone of their plans, Simone was to kill her.

Around 4:30pm, Simone met with Farah who happily greeted her along with her daughter Yasmin. Farah revealed that Naveed had left her a message about them leaving London together and a relieved Simone claimed that it was her idea for them to go on a vacation together. At 4:39pm, Simone informed Margot that Farah bought the story Simone gave her and everything was fine. As Simone was wrong about Naveed being trustworthy, Margot ordered her daughter to kill Farah. When Simone tried convincing Margot otherwise as Farah had Yasmin with her, Margot simply ordered Simone to kill Yasmin too. Simone reluctantly agreed and accepted an offer to join Farah and Yasmin for dinner.

After dinner, Simone prepared to kill Farah but couldn't bring herself to do it and instead ordered her sister-in-law to leave London. Confused, Farah began calling the police while Simone insisted that she was trying to protect Farah from Simone's mother. Farah noticed Simone's knife and yelled at Yasmin to get out. Farah and Simone struggled over the knife, which ended in Simone accidentally stabbing Farah to death. Yasmin witnessed her mother's murder and ran out of the house chased by Simone who desperately begged her to listen. Yasmin ran through traffic and made it to safety, but Simone was hit by a bus chasing her and was left seriously injured. ("Day 9: 4:00pm-5:00pm")

At 5:00pm, the seriously injured Simone was loaded onto a stretcher while Yasmin told the police that Simone had killed her mother. Around 5:10pm, as Simone was being transported to the hospital, Margot called her and got one of the paramedics treating her instead. The paramedic informed her of the situation and told Margot she should come to the hospital to talk to the police. Margot pretended to agree and then hung up. Worried about what Simone might've been willing to tell people, Margot ordered Ian to send Kareem to the hospital to see if things would be "problematic." ("Day 9: 5:00pm-6:00pm")

Attack on St. Edward's HospitalEdit

At about 5:17pm, Jack and Kate arrived at St. Edward's Hospital where they were greeted by Chief Inspector Helen McCarthy who led them to Simone. After McCarthy informed her of Simone's chase of Yasmin, Kate went to speak to her while Jack had the wing where Simone was located cleared of all unauthorized personnel. When asked by Jack about Simone's status, a doctor informed him that Simone was waking up and reluctantly agreed to let Jack talk to her before the doctor took her for a CT scan. At the same time, Kate talked to Yasmin who explained how Simone was her aunt through her marriage to Naveed. Yasmin detailed the murder of her mother for Kate and surprised her with the news that Simone had told Farah she was trying to protect them from Margot. However, Yasmin didn't know where to find Margot. As Kate called Jack and informed him of what Yasmin told her, including that Simone had seemed to be betraying Margot, a disguised Kareem listened in and overheard the entire thing. Kareem called Margot and informed her of Simone's betrayal and the fact that the police were locking down the hospital. Though shocked by Simone's betrayal for her niece's safety, Margot acted swiftly and ordered Kareem to find Simone's exact location in the hospital so they could target her with the drones. Though Ian tried to talk her out of murdering Simone, Margot refused to allow Simone to live to betray them and ordered her men to start packing up since their location was compromised.

At around 5:30pm, Simone woke up and Jack informed her of where she was and that Yasmin was safe. After Simone recognized him, Jack introduced himself to her and asked for her help to stop her mother from hurting the people of London since she was willing to save Farah and Yasmin. Simone refused to help and told Jack that helping her family was not the same as betraying her mother. Jack asked about her cut-off finger and if Margot did it and applied pressure to the injury to try to force Simone to talk. However, Simone resolutely believed that her mother loved her and continued to refuse to talk. After she passed out, Jack apologized to Kate for his actions and believed that interrogating Simone was pointless. At 5:33pm as Jack and Kate discussed the idea of enlisting Yasmin's help to get Simone to talk, they noticed Kareem nearby when he shouldn't have been there and questioned his presence. Kareem realized he was caught and fled, killing a police officer on the way. Chased by Jack, Kate and McCarthy, Kareem ended up running into two police officers who shot him dead despite Jack's orders when he pointed a gun at them. When Jack searched Kareem's body, he found the man's cell phone with a text message from Margot that informed him that he had eight minutes to get out of the hospital. Jack realized that Margot was going to launch a drone strike against the hospital and ordered McCarthy to get everyone out and went to get Simone while Kate went to get Yasmin.

At 5:40pm, Jack was contacted by Chloe who had set up in a bar after being forced to abandon Open Cell's headquarters. Chloe informed him that she wasn't able to find anything useful from the phone number they'd gotten from Karl Rask's computer and Jack started evacuating Simone despite her doctor's and Simone's protests. Jack informed Simone of Margot's coming attack on the hospital, but she refused to believe him. Just as Jack, Kate, Simone, Yasmin, McCarthy and a bunch of other people got out of the hospital, the drone arrived. Though Ian hesitated as Simone might have gotten out, Margot chose not to take the chance that she didn't and had Ian fire upon the hospital, blowing it up and killing many people.

Having escaped the hospital, Jack gave Yasmin to McCarthy while he, Kate and Simone fled in a car. Margot had Ian search for Simone to make sure she hadn't gotten out and he spotted the three getting into a car. Though Ian fired a missile at them, he missed and Jack quickly fled with Ian in pursuit. Simone noticed the missed missile strike shortly before passing out from her injuries. Though Jack yelled at her to give Margot up, Simone was unconscious and could no longer hear him. Though Ian fired another shot at Jack as he fled through an alley, the shot missed and took out the side of a building instead leaving Ian and Margot with only one shot left. After being forced to steal another car to escape a traffic jam, Jack drove them into a tunnel where he stole another car and then sent the first stolen car back out of the tunnel, making it look like they were inside. The decoy worked and Ian fired his last missile at the car and destroyed it. To his and Margot's frustration, they realized that they had been tricked and they could do nothing to stop Jack and Kate as they were out of missiles and had no other drones in range at the time to use instead.

Having avoided Margot's attack, Jack chose to take Simone to the infirmary at the CIA station rather than another hospital as he knew she was their only lead. As they drove off however, Kate reported that Simone was in bad shape. ("Day 9: 5:00pm-6:00pm")


A deal and Wembley StadiumEdit

After seeing the hospital attack on the news, President Heller called Jack for an update. Jack told him that they got Simone out in time and were taking her to the CIA infirmary but admitted that it was unlikely that they'd get anything out of her before Margot's deadline. Having realized that they were out of time to track down Margot and stop her, President Heller ordered Jack to meet him and refused to give him any details until Jack arrived. Jack ordered Kate to drop him off at Willoughby House before she took Simone to the CIA while Heller had Ron Clark get him Margot's contact information and keep the matter to himself.

At 5:57pm, shortly before Margot's deadline, Heller opened a video call with Margot who was surprised to hear from him. Though the two were hesitant to trust each other, Margot reiterated that she would stop the attacks if Heller surrendered himself. Having decided to surrender himself, Heller offered the deal that if Margot would crash the drones into the English Channel near Dover where they would be able to detect their destruction, he would surrender himself to her. Margot agreed to the deal and ordered him to be in the middle of Wembley Stadium at 7:00pm and swore on the soul of her husband to destroy the drones if Heller kept his word. ("Day 9: 5:00pm-6:00pm", "Day 9: 6:00pm-7:00pm")

After her call with Heller, Margot informed Ian that the worst case scenario was that Simone was still alive and would give up information to the CIA. She also informed Ian of her deal with Heller and while Ian believed it to be a trick, Margot believed Heller to be serious. Margot informed Ian that if Heller kept his word she would keep hers and destroy the drones. Margot, Ian and their men then moved to another location as Simone's capture meant that their hideout was possibly compromised.

Jack met with President Heller who told him they didn't have much time and he needed Jack to do something he wouldn't like. Heller then showed Jack a recording of his call with Margot and Jack protested that the move was against the US policy not to negotiate with terrorists. Heller explained that he had turned in his resignation effective in an hour and it was thus not a policy decision but rather a personal one. Heller believed that Margot would keep her word to destroy the drones or the world would see her as a liar and a hypocrite, but Jack refused to have any part of Heller's actions as there was still time to find Margot. Heller finally told Jack that six months before he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Within a year Heller would no longer be able to recognize anyone and once it became public knowledge, he would be forced to resign. President Heller told Jack that this decision was not about him but about all the people that died in the bombing at the hospital and the thousands of other lives that would be lost if he didn't surrender. After President Heller asked Jack what Jack would do in his position, Jack reluctantly agreed to help him. President Heller asked Jack to take him to Wembley Stadium without anyone knowing and admitted he hadn't told Audrey yet. Jack then told Heller he'd need help from someone else Heller could trust in order to get past the Secret Service. Heller decided to get Boudreau to help him and at 6:13pm, informed him of his intentions. While Boudreau didn't believe Margot would keep her word, Heller insisted that she would as her reason for the attacks was personal and once she had Heller, she would have no reason to continue with them. Heller asked Boudreau as his friend and supporter to perform this last service for him and to deliver a letter for him to the Vice President then serve the Vice President as faithfully as he did Heller. Boudreau reluctantly agreed to help Heller and Jack with their plan.

At about 6:18pm, President Heller brought Boudreau to Jack and informed them that they needed to put aside their differences and come up with a plan to help him. Jack ordered Boudreau to get him the Secret Service protocols for the day and the deployments and names of all the guards and security. When Jack asked for Boudreau to keep the halls clear for as long as possible, Boudreau suggested a staff meeting to accomplish that and Jack told him to keep Audrey away too and to have the staff meeting in fifteen minutes. Jack also had Boudreau get him a car and a helicopter set up outside the perimeter and promised to call Boudreau if he needed anything else. Before he left, Boudreau told Jack that Audrey wouldn't forgive him for helping with Heller's sacrifice. Before he got started on their plan to help him sacrifice himself, Heller visited his daughter a final time and shared a moment with her, making sure Audrey knew he loved her. However, Heller could not bring himself to tell Audrey about his coming death and left without her having any idea that something was wrong.

At 6:25pm, Boudreau brought Jack a USB drive with the information on the security details he had wanted and informed him that the staff meeting would start in three minutes which would clear the halls as Jack asked. He had also prepared the helicopter as Jack had asked and had gotten him the gate codes for Wembely Stadium. Jack then informed Heller that they needed to leave in five minutes and thanked Boudreau as he went to meet with Heller to prepare. Before they were able to leave, Jack removed Heller's tracking device and informed him of the fact that they might soon have a way into Margot's system. However, as it was a long shot, Heller chose not to rely on that and to go forward with his plan. President Heller had informed his staff he wished to be left undisturbed and after Boudreau texted Jack that the staff meeting had started, the two men began to make their way out of Willoughby House. At 6:28pm, Jack and Heller reached a fire exit, but unexpectedly encountered a Secret Service agent who had been using the bathroom. As the agent was distracted by Heller, Jack knocked him out from behind and at 6:30pm as it started to get dark out, Jack and President Heller emerged onto the streets of London.

At 6:37pm, Jack and Heller arrived at where Boudreau had Ron Clark get a helicopter prepared for them with no pilot. While Ron was left confused by what Heller was doing there, he agreed to keep the whole thing a secret. After they took off, Jack informed Heller that it would take them about ten minutes to reach Wembley Stadium.

At around 6:45pm, the two men arrived and Jack got a call from Chloe who informed him that the data on Naveed's disk possibly contained a way into Margot's system but that it would not be easy. Chloe warned Jack that she might not be able to stop Margot in the next few minutes and wanted him to know that she was doing the best she could. Jack ordered Chloe to keep at it and with no other choice, reluctantly told President Heller that they needed to go. At 6:47pm, the two men began making their way into the stadium. As Chloe continued to work at 6:51pm, she got a call from Adrian Cross who she initially believed to be Jack. Cross accused Chloe of having her mind changed about what was important by Jack and asked her to come back as Open Cell was working on something. Chloe told him that she still believed in what they were doing but that was helping Jack out and hung up on him.

After they reached their new location, Margot ordered Ian to direct one of the drones to Wembley Stadium and prepare to destroy the others. Though Ian believed destroying the drones to be a waste, Margot insisted that they keep their word and let the world see that justice was done. While Ian was doubtful that President Heller could keep his word, Margot reminded him that they would soon find out for sure.

Shortly before 6:55pm, Boudreau found out that Audrey had been let into the President's rooms despite Heller having ordered that he was not to be disturbed. Boudreau found Audrey horrified by what Heller was doing and she realized by his reaction that Boudreau had helped Heller with his plan. Boudreau sadly confirmed that fact and informed her that it was already too late to stop Heller. Audrey was left enraged by her husband helping her father with his sacrifice, stating that Heller was not well and she never got to say goodbye, going as far as to accuse Boudreau of as good as killing Heller himself. Boudreau informed her with great regret that President Heller was one of the greatest men he'd ever known and he hated helping him but he did because it was what Heller had wanted. Though Audrey was left enraged and promised to never trust him again, Boudreau asked that she keep Heller's actions quiet as it was what he had wanted. Audrey reluctantly agreed and asked how they would know when it was over and Boudreau informed her that the person Heller was with would call them and tell them. When asked who it was, Boudreau just told her that it was someone her father trusted deeply before leaving in shame.

At 6:55pm, Jack and Heller entered Wembley Stadium and Heller informed Jack that he had pardoned Jack for the crimes he had committed four years before and any other charges the authorities could come up with for that day which would allow Jack to go home to his family without fear of the US government hunting him anymore. Jack informed Heller that he didn't want to be pardoned and especially not for helping Heller with his sacrifice which he still felt was the wrong thing to do. Heller however continued to believe that he'd made the right choice. Chloe then called Jack to tell him that she had gotten into Margot's system and isolated the drones into three data streams. However, she informed Jack that the one that controlled the drones was impenetrable and while the others were more vulnerable, she was unaware of what they did. Though Jack asked her how long it would take to break into those data streams, President Heller told him they were out of time and walked out onto the field and ignored as Jack called after him.

Moments after Heller walked out onto the field, a drone piloted by Ian arrived. Using facial recognition they were able to identify the man in the middle of the field as President Heller and after Ian told her the missiles were ready, Margot decided to fire them herself. Margot fired a missile into the center of the field where the drone's camera showed President Heller to be standing. The missile blew up the center of the field and the drone reported that the target was destroyed. At 7:00pm, Margot was relieved as she had apparently finally gotten her revenge. Unknown to Margot and Ian however, Chloe had managed to break into the feed from the drone's camera and looped the footage, faking President Heller's death. ("Day 9: 6:00pm-7:00pm", "Day 9: 7:00pm-8:00pm")

At 7:02pm, Prime Minister Davies, Audrey, Boudreau, Ron Clark and other members of Heller's staff watched a news report about the drone strike at Wembley Stadium. Davies eventually ordered it turned off and told Audrey that what President Heller did was very brave and courageous and the United Kingdom would never forget him. Distraught by her father's death, Audrey left the room and gave her husband a disgusted look as she went. Caroline Fowlds then told Davies they could only hope that Margot would keep up her end of the deal and destroy the drones as promised. At the same time, the CIA watched the same news report the Prime Minister and President Heller's staff had been watching and when Erik Ritter wondered about why Margot would bomb an empty stadium, Kate sadly informed them that President Heller had been in it and that Jack had helped him escape the Secret Service. As the agents somberly watched the news about Heller's death, Gavin Leonard reported the destruction of two drones in the waters off of Dover and the group realized that Margot was keeping up her end of the deal. ("Day 9: 7:00pm-8:00pm")

Interrogation of Simone Al-HaraziEdit

At 6:02pm, Kate arrived at the CIA station with Simone and asked the doctors if she could be woken up to talk. While a shot of adrenaline could potentially wake her, it could also kill her given the seriousness of her injuries. The doctor believed that with an hour or two to stabilize Simone, they could safely wake her for interrogation. Kate later informed Jack of this news, but he stated that they had no choice but to wake Simone and question her as they were running out of time. Jack ordered Kate to pressure the doctor to wake Simone up.

At around 6:15pm, Jack called Kate and informed her that President Heller was going to surrender himself to Margot. As the only way to stop Heller's sacrifice was to find Margot, Jack ordered Kate to "wake the bitch up." With no other choice, Kate forced the doctors to wake Simone up at gunpoint with adrenaline. After Simone confirmed that she remembered the attack at the hospital, Kate asked her once more to help her stop Margot. Kate reminded Simone that she was willing to save Yasmin and that Margot had tried to kill Simone for it. After Kate told her that she knew what it was like to be betrayed, Simone finally gave her the address 10 Broadmoor in Hampton. However, Simone warned that Margot wouldn't be there anymore and she didn't know where to look for Margot next. When Kate pleaded with Simone to give her something, Simone told her about the hard drive disk that her husband Naveed had left under the floorboards of their room. Simone suggested that the information on the disk might help them get into Margot's system remotely before she started having trouble breathing. As the doctors started working on saving Simone, Kate ordered a tactical team to the location Simone gave her. A few minutes later, Kate contacted Jack and told him of the development. Jack ordered that if the disk had any digital information to upload it to Chloe.

At around 6:42pm, the CIA tactical team arrived at Margot's hideout to find it abandoned as Simone expected. They located Naveed's disk and contacted Kate who had them upload the contents to the CIA station and continue searching for anything else that might be useful. After the disk was uploaded, Kate ordered analyst Gavin Leonard to send the data to Chloe which he reluctantly did. After Navarro told Kate he didn't know where Jordan Reed was, Kate updated him on their progress as well as the fact that Margot had left the estate thirty minutes before and could be anywhere within a five hundred mile radius. ("Day 9: 6:00pm-7:00pm")

Attack on Tundel House and Waterloo StationEdit

After having destroyed five of the six drones as promised, Ian confirmed with Margot that she wanted the last drone destroyed. Margot confirmed it, stating that Heller had kept his word and so would she. As the two discussed how Margot's husband would be pleased with what they'd done, Ian noticed something on the footage of Heller's death and checked it. Ian realized that the footage had been looped and they were tricked. Enraged that Heller had tricked them and was still alive, Margot ordered Ian to pull the drone out of its dive which he quickly did.

After the drone strike, Jack and Heller left the stadium as the London police arrived and Jack explained he hadn't told Heller his plan to fake his death beforehand as he knew Heller would never go for it. Chloe then contacted Jack and informed him of the destruction of five of the drones and that the sixth one was in the process of being destroyed. Jack informed Heller of the good news, only for Chloe to inform them that the last drone had been pulled out of its dive. Jack reported this to Heller and ordered Chloe to send the video feed from the drone's camera to the RAF so they could attempt to intercept and destroy the drone. Chloe also told Jack that she begun attempting to track the signal from the override device and had narrowed it down to East London at that point. While five of the drones were destroyed due to the plan, Heller was left displeased since the last drone was not destroyed and could still kill thousands of people. As Belcheck arrived to pick up President Heller, Jack informed Heller of his plan to locate and stop Margot while Belcheck kept Heller safe and hidden. Heller refused to listen to Jack again and demanded to be taken to Willoughby House, but Jack refused and ordered Belcheck to take him away and not make any phone calls as Margot could use them to track Belcheck and Heller. Belcheck left with Heller who demanded that Belcheck call the Secret Service to pick him up but Belcheck refused to follow Heller's orders. Though Heller attempted to use his position as President of the United States to order Belcheck around, Belcheck just told him he wasn't American and they weren't in the United States before leaving with him.

After the President left for safety, Jack reboarded the helicopter he and Heller used to reach Wembely Stadium and called Kate and had her patch him through to General Coburn and Heller's staff. Once the staff and Prime Minister were on the phone, Jack revealed to them that President Heller was still alive to their shock and explained that it had all been part of a plan to trick Margot into thinking Heller was dead and destroy the drones. Jack warned them that while five drones were destroyed, one survived and was on its way back to London but he didn't know its target. Jack told them that he was having Chloe send the drone's video feed as well and both the RAF, the President's staff and the CIA received the feed. Jack refused to send Heller back since Margot would be monitoring the Secret Service and assured them that President Heller would be safe with Belcheck. Jack requested manpower from the CIA as stopping Margot might have been their only chance of avoiding further casualties and asked for the CIA to aid Chloe in tracking down Margot's location. Navarro agreed to Jack's request and sent Kate and Ritter to meet up with him with a tactical team following. Gavin Leonard also promised to attempt to help Chloe track the signal from the override device.

At 7:12pm, Ian located President Heller on CCTV cameras outside of Wembley Stadium, which proved that Heller was still alive. When they spotted Jack, Margot recognized and was able to identify him while Ian informed her that the drone would be back in range of London within twelve to fifteen minutes but that the RAF might be able to shoot it down since they now had access to the drone's camera feed. After Ian warned her that they could be tracked down if the CIA was quick enough, Margot ordered her men to prepare for possible hostiles. Though Ian offered to track President Heller from after he left Wembley Stadium, Margot chose to let Heller live so he could see all the lives that would be lost because of him faking his death. Having seen a news report of Waterloo Station which was crowded with people trying to flee London, Margot ordered Ian to set a course for there.

At 7:17pm, Jack called Chloe to ask if she'd had any luck locating Margot yet. Chloe told him that the signal from the override device was pinging off of three different cell towers and she was having trouble narrowing it down. When Jack asked her to do better than that, Chloe decided to try something else and called Adrian Cross for help. While Cross was reluctant to help again, Chloe asked him not to help Jack but her and asked if he had a better way of locating the source of the signal from the override device. Mirroring her laptop screen, Cross ran a new GPS program he had that used the NAVSTAR satellite system where Margot wouldn't look. Using his new program, Cross found Margot's location for Chloe. At 7:20pm, Chloe called Jack back with Margot's location: an office block in Dalston called Tundel House and Jack quickly alerted Kate and Ritter. However, Chloe couldn't narrow it down any further unless Jack got rid of all the noise such as phones, Wi-Fi and satellite television. When Jack suggested cutting the power, Chloe told him it would work if Margot had an uninterrupted power supply and began searching for an electrical junction box on Jack's order.

Kate and Ritter arrived at Tundel House and came under fire from Margot's men. Chloe located the junction box, but while Kate could see it, she was under much too heavy fire to reach it. As Kate and Ritter engaged in a firefight with Margot's men, Jack landed his helicopter on the roof and killed two of Margot's men who emerged onto the roof to stop him. As the firefight continued, Kate and Ritter drove their vehicle close to the junction box as a shield and Kate took out the box with a grenade. The power outage didn't affect Margot and Ian as the override device had a backup power supply and Margot ordered Ian to lock onto Waterloo Station after being told that the drone would be in range of London in five minutes.

The power loss allowed Chloe to pinpoint Margot's location as the fifth floor, middle suite and Jack started to make his way there as a CIA tactical team arrived to back up Kate and Ritter. When Jack arrived on the fifth floor, he found Margot's men guarding the corridor and Chloe informed him that the attack coordinates were locked in and the drone would be able to fire at any moment. General Coburn analyzed the drone's targeting coordinates and to everyone's horror they realized it was the packed Waterloo Station. Prime Minister Davies quickly ordered the station evacuated while Kate and Ritter finally managed to make it into the building with the tactical team's help and Jack began to repel down to Margot's room from the roof. However, Kate's team got caught in a firefight with Fazil and Margot's other men in the corridor and could not reach her. Once the drone was ready to fire, Ian wanted to leave while they still could but Margot refused to go until she was sure Waterloo Station was destroyed even if it cost them their lives. Ian reluctantly agreed to stay when Margot threatened him at gunpoint.

By repelling down the building, Jack managed to reach Ian and Margot's room and dodged gunfire from Ian. When Ian went to the window to look for him, Jack grabbed Ian, pulled him out through the window and sent him falling to the ground below, killing him. As Jack climbed into the room, a horrified Margot went for her gun, but Jack shot her in the shoulder, disarming her and then restrained her. As Jack captured Margot, the drone's missile fired and Boudreau solemnly noted they had about thirty seconds until it struck Waterloo Station while watching the drone's feed. Jack contacted Chloe and informed her that he had Margot in custody and control of the override device and asked for instructions. Chloe told Jack that while the missile had been fired, it was laser guided so he could redirect it. Jack switched the missile from automatic targeting to manual just barely in time to redirect it into the Thames River where the missile harmlessly detonated.

Having witnessed Jack having averted the missile strike through the drone camera, Prime Minister Davies and President Heller's staff celebrated the fact that Jack had saved all the people in the station. With the situation under control, Jack disconnected the override device while Margot still remained defiant, telling Jack that hundreds of people had died and while he thought he had won, all the deaths that day were on his and Heller's heads. Jack told Margot that the only death on his head was hers and threw her out the window. At 7:28pm, Margot fell several stories to the ground, killing her and her body was left lying beside that of her son. ("Day 9: 7:00pm-8:00pm")


With the override device disconnected, the military were able to finally regain control of the last hijacked drone and land it.

At 7:33pm, with Margot dead, Belcheck returned President Heller to Willoughby House. Though the Secret Service demanded he surrender, President Heller ordered them to let Belcheck go. Prime Minister Davies thanked Heller for his attempted sacrifice while Heller apologized to Boudreau for putting him in the position he did. Boudreau then reported that Ian and Margot were dead and Jack now had the override device. Heller called Jack who told him he was brining the device back and it needed to be analyzed which General Coburn promised to send someone to do. Jack then flew the device back to the CIA station in his helicopter and called Chloe to help analyze it. However, Chloe informed him that while she was happy to have worked with him again, she was returning to Open Cell. A Department of Defense technician analyzed the device and determined that it was much more dangerous than just controlling drones as they'd believed, that it could be used to hack any military system in the world.

While going through files, analyst Jordan Reed had found indicators that there were deletions in the files of Adam Morgan, Kate Morgan's husband who had supposedly sold classified information to the Chinese. When Jordan began investigating, Steve Navarro hired an assassin to kill him as Navarro had been the true culprit and had framed Adam Morgan. Jordan and Harman had ended up killing each other and their bodies were found soon after the deaths of Margot and her men. After Harman was identified, Navarro stole the override device and fled in exchange for Adrian Cross helping him escape the country. Cross double-crossed Navarro and took the device and left Navarro to face charges of treason and murder for his actions. Navarro later tried to use the situation to force the President to give him an immunity deal, but ultimately failed due to the efforts of Kate and Jack.

After Cross had gotten the device, Cheng Zhi slaughtered Open Cell and used the override device in his own plot to create the Chinese-American war crisis. Cheng nearly succeeded in using the override device to cause a devastating war, but was stopped by Jack and killed with the override device being recovered for good. However, as a consequence, Audrey Boudreau was murdered when Jack refused to back down from chasing Cheng.

During the crisis with Cheng, Mark Boudreau's forging of President Heller's signature came back to haunt him when Anatol Stolnavich blackmailed him into giving up Jack. Boudreau gave Stolnavich Jack's comlink code which allowed the Russians to attack Jack as he attempted to stop Cheng. The Russians were killed and Boudreau was exposed for his actions. After helping Jack raid Stolnavich's compound for information on Cheng's whereabouts, Boudreau was arrested for treason for his actions.

Though Jack had been pardoned for his crimes by President Heller, Jack was still wanted by the Russians who kidnapped Chloe to force him to turn himself over to them. In exchange for Chloe and his family's safety, Jack turned himself over to the Russians for punishement for his actions four years before shortly before 11:00am. ("Day 9: 7:00pm-8:00pm", "Day 9: 8:00pm-9:00pm", "Day 9: 9:00pm-10:00pm", "Day 9: 10:00pm-11:00am")

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