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Lonnie McRae was a survivalist who helped Kim Bauer and let her stay for awhile in his house during Day 2.

Day 2 Edit

Lonnie McRae freed Kim Bauer from a wild animal trap as a cougar was closing in on her, and led her to his cabin. He invited her to stay the night. Kim was wanted for murder and kidnapping at the time, so McRae lied to Mike Kramer, a park ranger who was searching for her, to protect her.

When Kim told Lonnie about the bomb he claimed he had been expecting something like it for years.

After dinner he brought Kim down to his bomb shelter. Lonnie later told Kim that a nuclear blast detonated over the Los Angeles area. Kim eventually found out that there wasn't a blast by accessing a TV in the shelter. Kim hit him on the head, grabbed a knife, and demanded to be let out. Lonnie deftly took back the knife, but then put it down and informed her that he was lonely and only wanted company. Kim told him that she needed to get back to the city. He relented and gave Kim a gun to protect herself against cougars and allowed her to leave although he did ask her to visit again, Kim declined the offer. Afterward, she used the revolver to frighten away a dangerous motorist.

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