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The Los Angeles Subway is an underground mass transit network in LA, run by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. It is also known as the 'metro' or 'underground'. Given the amount of people concentrated in the subway (and often confined spaces), it has been chosen as a target by several terrorist organizations.

The Game[]


Jack enters the subway looking for Kate

During 24: The Game, CTU is given an anonymous tip off to a Sarin gas attack on the subway system. Tony Almeida lead a team, along with Harris and Lee Bowen, to the Vermont Street Station where they were attacked by several terrorists who took some members of the public hostage. Almeida and his team were able to secure the station and apprehend Eddie Cain. The attack was used as a diversion so that terrorists could set off an Electromagnetic Pulse inside CTU Los Angeles and attack the building.

Later at 10:15pm, Kate Warner was in the subway near Faye Street Station when an 8.3-earthquake struck Los Angeles. Jack Bauer went to her aid, however, Peter Madsen got to her first and kidnapped her. Jack made his way through the subway, killing Madsen's men, before reaching them just as they drove away.

Day 3[]

Subway train

The subway train containing Arthur Rabens

During Day 3, Arthur Rabens chose to release the Cordilla virus in the subway. His boss, the captured Stephen Saunders, gave CTU Los Angeles a lead which allowed them to track the virus to a subway station because of a GPS tracker placed on it. When Rabens became suspicious, he planted the tracker on an innocent civilian and escaped the subway.

CTU blocked all the station's exits and tried to identify Rabens who escaped and stabbed two police officers. He then attempted to release the virus in a nearby middle school.

Day 6[]


The suicide bomber is ejected from the subway train by Jack before he can detonate.

During Day 6, a suicide bomber under Abu Fayed entered the 7th Street Metro Center. Jack Bauer and Hamri Al-Assad followed him into the station, and watched him get on the red line train towards Union Station. Jack followed him onto the carriage and pushed him out the back of the train before he could detonate his vest, and Hamri Al-Assad went to follow the bomber's handler.


Subway map

A map of the stations around 7th Street

3x23 subway fullmap

A full map showing the red, purple, blue, and green lines

Blue line[]

Red line[]


Background information and notes[]

  • The subway car used in Day 6 was based on the ones used on the line, but modified so that the doors would open out rather than in.
  • The exterior shot of the train's wheel screeching to a halt in "Day 6: 7:00am-8:00am" was reused from the train scene in "Day 4: 7:00am-8:00am."


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