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Los Angeles Union Station was the main train depot for Los Angeles. It was served by the Los Angeles Subway, as well as overground longer distance trains.

Day 4 Edit

Union entrance

Jack walks through the entrance of the station

Civilian computer programmer Andrew Paige was kidnapped at Union Station by the terrorist Kalil Hasan. Hasan was working for Habib Marwan and was posing as Jack Bauer. The supervisor that day, Tim Felson, reported to Ronnie Lobell and Jack that an employee, Marx, spotted Kalil trying to flee with Andrew. Using the description that Marx provided, Ronnie attempted to stop Kalil, but was fatally wounded, and Kalil escaped. ("Day 4: 8:00am-9:00am")

Day 6 Edit

A suicide bomber, Nasir Trabelsi, was sent with a handler by the terrorist leader Abu Fayed to blow up the subway at Union Station, but was stopped by Jack Bauer before the train arrived. His handler Masheer waited outside the entrance, but reported to Fayed that there was no explosion, and so drove away. Jack exited the subway at Union station and met up with Hamri Al-Assad, who was two blocks away at Alameda. ("Day 6: 7:00am-8:00am")

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