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This article's subject relates to Season 3 of 24.

Los Feliz Mall was a shopping mall in Los Angeles, located between Sunset Boulevard and Vermont.

Day 3[]

Kyle Singer arranged to meet his girlfriend Linda at Los Feliz at 4:00pm to help him out of the drug deal he believed he had botched. While at the mall, Kyle's father called him to try to tell him about the virus he had caught in Mexico, while agents at CTU worked to trace his location from the call. As soon as he was tracked down, Jack Bauer left for the mall while Tony Almeida took off in a helicopter to bring in Kyle quietly.

Tony approaches Kyle

Tony approached Kyle shortly before 4:00pm, but was then shot in the neck by David Gomez, one of Hector Salazar's men, allowing Kyle to escape in the ensuing panic. Kyle met Linda at the mall's east entrance on Vermont, barely managing to escape more of Salazar's men, while Tony was rushed to the hospital. A quarantine zone was set up for two miles in all directions around the mall; however, this later proved unnecessary when it was learned that Kyle was not infected with the virus.