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This article's subject relates to Season 8 of 24.

Lugo Elson was Vladimir Laitanan's right hand man during Day 8.

Day 8[]

Lugo frisked and questioned Ziya Dakhilov, an unexpected visitor at Laitanan's base of operations. He later checked Renee Walker (who was undercover as a Russian criminal) for weapons, and openly stated that he believed her to be a federal agent. Laitanan took Lugo's suspicions seriously, up to the point of staging a mock execution of her, but eventually bought Renee's cover story.

Lugo went with three men to meet Ernst Meier (Jack Bauer undercover) and conversed with him in German until they got on one anothers nerves. After Lugo confirmed that Renee's contact transferred the $5 million, he signaled for his men to shoot Meier but they were gunned down by an unseen sniper, who turned out to be Cole Ortiz. He was then beaten to the ground and disarmed, threatened with death but still unaware that Meier was undercover for CTU. Lugo agreed to take Jack to finally meet Laitanan personally.

After Lugo brought Jack to meet Laitanan, he was sent away to get more vodka. Upon his return, he waited while Laitanan went through his laundry list of contacts, inquiring about the fuel rods. When Renee snapped and stabbed Laitanan to death, Lugo came running and saw his dead boss. Jack entered into the room first where Renee had finished murdering Laitanan and when he went to comfort Renee, she turned around suddenly, accidentally stabbing, believing Jack to be a hostile intruder. Jack quickly sealed up his wound and just as an armed Lugo entered the room, Jack rose up from behind a couch and — despite the stab wounds — removed the knife from his midriff and threw it into Lugo's throat. The henchman stumbled into the wall behind him and quickly bled to death.

Background information and notes[]

  • The surname "Elson" was revealed in Operation Hero; in the aired episodes Lugo is only referred to by his first name.

Live appearances[]