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This article's subject relates to Season 3 of 24.

Luis was one of the subordinates of Ramon Salazar in Mexico during Day 3.

Day 3[]

Luis was with Hector Salazar and Pablo when he discovered the body of Claudia Hernandez. He then accompanied Hector to a church where they met Ramon and Jack Bauer. He was put in charge of Nina Myers, who was captured by the men to use for the Cordilla Virus exchange. They went to a barn near the exchange point and Ramon shot Hector.

Luis then accompanied Nina and the others to a mine outside of Posta Mita, where the exchange would take place. When Nina saw Ramon, she claimed that Jack was setting them up to be captured by CTU. Ramon told Luis to stop, and then she explained that a CTU reconnaissance agent would be watching them. Ramon sent Pablo and Felipe to check out her claims, and then sent Luis off with Nina.

Luis sat her down before the meeting with Amador, and then later handed her the briefcase with the payment. He was assigned as her personal bodyguard during the transaction, and Ramon ordered Luis to kill Nina immediately if there was any trouble.

As Luis and Nina went to the meeting, Chase Edmunds, the CTU reconnaissance agent who had knocked out Pablo, spotted the pair using night-vision. After the deal, when Ramon threatened Jack, Chase opened fire. Luis was quickly sniped by Chase from the hills.

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