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Luiz was a thug working for Esteban Salazar during Extraction.

The Rookie[]

While waiting to meet with a high ranking government official who would give him intel on drug smuggler Esteban Salazar, Alton Maxwell was assaulted and kidnapped by Esteban's first thug before the contact arrived. Luiz moved Maxwell to a place with four accomplices, and continued to beat him, demanding to know who the meeting was supposed to be with. Luiz was only stopped by Esteban himself, who injected Alton with a green tinged liquid. Estaban told Luiz that Alton will talk now, and he did: they learned that the meeting was with Javier Medina. Esteban quickly sent two of the accomplices to track down and kill Medina.

Luiz later reported to Esteban that Medina was nowhere to be found, so Esteban sent him back to guard Alton. There, he tormented his captive, but suddenly Alton leapt from his chair, unrestrained, and fought the thug for his pistol. Eventually, Alton locked Luiz in the room and escaped. After Alton escaped to the roof and Salazar and his men pursued him, Alton clubbed Luiz in the face with a pipe and stole his pistol.

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