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Lyons was a Los Angeles Police Department corrections officer on duty during Day 1.

When Melanie was forced to take a lit joint by fellow inmate Lucy, a female guard asked whose it was. Lucy claimed it belonged to Melanie, so Officer Lyons demanded to see it. Melanie handed it to her, and Lyons indicated that Melanie was in deep trouble. But Kim Bauer told the guard the truth, that Lucy was the liar, which infuriated Lucy and started a fight. Then Lyons and some other officers including Williams came into the cell and broke up the fight, and removed Lucy instead. In return for the favor, Melanie asked the guard to speak with Officer Krugman and tell him the truth about Kim's lack of involvement in the drug deal, so Lyons took Melanie to see him. ("8:00pm-9:00pm")

Background information and notes[]

  • "Lyons" is visible for a few frames on the character's name tag. Gwen Stewart was credited simply as playing "Female Officer".

Live appearances[]