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You may be looking for the CTU panic room, codenamed "M3"

Michelle Dessler and Kim Bauer try to escape the terrorists at CTU.



Second floor

The following takes place between 1:00pm and 2:00pm.

On the CTU main floor, Ryan Chappelle and other agents are being confined together by the terrorists. Peter Madsen tells one of his men to search CTU for any other agents; he does not want to encounter any surprises. Chappelle yells at Madsen, saying that his actions will not be tolerated. Madsen says that if he speaks again, he will shoot Chappelle. Madsen approaches another of his men, who tells him that the effects of the electromagnetic pulse bomb they set off to enter CTU should subside in a few moments, allowing them into CTU's systems.


Third floor

In the tech room, Michelle Dessler tries to reset the system. Kim Bauer asks if she can help, but Michelle continues to work. She explains that the tech room was not affect by the pulse bomb because it is shielded, but they need to get out soon because the terrorist's men will be looking for people. She says that they need to get to room M3, because it is a safe panic room.

After making it through several rooms and saving numerous CTU personnel by killing some terrorists, Michelle and Kim reach the stairwell.


They head down to the first floor, and after saving more people by killing further terrorists, they find the M3 room. Guarded by terrorist, Michelle takes him out and heads in the room.


Mission targets[]

  • Head Shots: 5
  • Accuracy: 80%
  • Enemies Killed: 25

Background information and notes[]

  • Pressing R2 forces Kim to take cover while Michelle takes out enemies.
  • The presentation of CTU Los Angeles given here shows it to be much larger than ever suggested on the television show. This is likely to make it more challenging when getting to the M3 room.
  • In the large CTU conference room there is a health pack on one desk.


  • Michelle's primary weapon in this mission is the P7 Pistol.
  • A terrorist down one of the first corridors carries an M5K Deutsche.