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The Secret Intelligence Service, commonly known as MI6, was a foreign intelligence agency of the United Kingdom. (CTU Operations Manual)

Before joining CTU, Morris O'Brian worked as a Junior, and later Senior Analyst for MI6. ( profile)

MI6 loaned one of its operatives, Stephen Saunders, to the United States military for a Delta Force mission to assassinate Yugoslavian war criminal Victor Drazen, codenamed Nightfall. All the team members except for Saunders and Jack Bauer were killed, while Saunders was captured and tortured by Serbian forces for many years before being released. (Nightfall)

After discovering that Saunders had survived and was threatening to release the Cordilla virus in the U.S., Jack Bauer contacted Trevor Tomlinson at the MI6 office in Los Angeles, and arrested one of Saunders' past associates Diana White for questioning there. Saunders' men, including Pach and Young, launched an attack on the building by helicopter, killing White, Tomlinson, and several MI6 employees. Servers containing critical information were also destroyed by a C-4 charge, but Jack Bauer managed to retrieve vital information pertaining to Saunders before the explosion. ("Day 3: 5:00am-6:00am")

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  • The logo for MI6 seen on the show is, in real life, the logo for MI5.

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