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Madison was a security guard at the Chandler Plaza Hotel active during Day 3.

Day 3Edit

Hotel security guard, Bruce Margolis overhead Gael Ortega's phone conversation with Michelle Dessler in which Dessler asked Ortega how he was feeling since his symptoms started and assured him that NHS would be arriving shortly, and Margolis saw Ortega's face and handkerchief covered in blood. Hoping to escape the hotel and avoid becoming infected with the Cordilla virus, Margolis pulled the fire alarm to cause a panic and create a cover so he could sneak out.

As Margolis ran through the hotel's basement corridors, he spotted security guard, Madison from behind. Using walkie-talkies, another guard asked for Madison's status, to which Madison replied that the lower level was secure. The other guard on the walkie-talkie instructed Madison to hold his position, and Madison copied. Margolis turned around and ran in the opposite direction of Madison without ever being seen.

Background Information and Notes Edit

  • Madison was in the hotel after the virus had been released, so it is very likely that he died either by the virus or by one of the cyanide pills; however, there is a small chance Madison could have been one of the few immune to the virus's effects.

Live appearances Edit

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