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This article's subject relates to the 24 expanded universe.This is a production article written from an out-of-universe perspective

Jack Bauer goes to the subway to help Kate Warner.


Jack pulls up at the subway and looks around. He sees a door blocked by a huge part of a building, collapsed during the earthquake, and a large building which loses electricity within seconds. Inside, Kate tends to a woman's injuries. She hears footsteps and calls out for Jack. A hand comes down a shaft and Kate takes it. She is pulled up, but soon comes face to face with Peter Madsen. She asks where Jack is, but Madsen says that he hopes he is dead. Jack crawls into the area and sees Madsen holding Kate hostage. Jack yells at him to let her go, but he runs away with her.

Jack pursues them down the tunnel. He runs into some of Madsen's men, but takes them out. Stealing an assault rifle from one of the dead bodies, Jack gets out of the tunnel and into a side corridor to avoid any collapsing debris from the earthquake's aftershocks.


Jack heads through the corridor and comes upon a flight of stairs. He goes up them and takes out several more of Madsen's men. He goes into a larger room and blows up a canister of gas to kill several of Madsen's men and cause a collapse, allowing him a path across a large hole. He finds his way back outside and hears Kate call. Madsen gets in a car and forces her in too. They drive away and Jack takes out several more men.

A car storms towards Jack and he takes out the driver before he can be run down. He then runs towards the exit where Madsen and Kate left.


Memorable quotes[]

  • Kate Warner: Jack! Is that you?
  • Peter Madsen: Hello Miss Warner.

  • Kate Warner: Get off me, you bastard!