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Making a Scene - Season 5 Prequel

Fox Movie Channel Presents: Making a Scene - Season 5 Prequel is a special feature found on the Season Four DVD.

Making a Scene - Season 5 Prequel[]

Jon Cassar begins the feature by talking about the biggest challenge of making 24: the real time format. Joseph Hodges explains about the prequel of Season 5 and what happens in it. Jeff Cadiente, the stunt coordinator, explains about his role in the prequel. Eric Mofford, the first assistant director, explains that the scene had to be filmed in 2 days. Cadiente says that you have to be prepared for everything on a show like 24. He explains that two units were shooting; one focusing on Kiefer Sutherland and the other focusing on the action sequence. Hodges, the director of the second unit, explains his role, dealing with the "intricate stunts". Dan Wynands, the camera bike driver, explains that for this prequel he would be on a sidecar of a motorbike to keep up with the swift action of the cars.

Cadiente explains that during the sequence there is a lot of near-misses with pedestrians, garbage trucks and other obstacles. Sterling Rush, the on set prop master, explains about some pallets that had been laid down for the pursuing driver to hit when he does not quite master a turn as well as Jack Bauer. Hodges explains the end of the sequence where Jack causes the pursuer to crash into a forklift. Scott Blackwell, the special effects coordinator, explains how the scene will work from a special effects point of view. Cadiente says that for the actual scene the car was pulled in by ropes for the final shot so they would know where it was actually going to hit. Both Cadiente and Hodges express happiness with how the final scene looks.

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