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This article's subject relates to the 24 expanded universe.

Malenkiy Petrenko (Russian: Маленкий Петренко, Malenkiy Petrenko/Ukrainian: Маленький Петренко, Malenʹkyy Petrenko) was a bodyguard and enforcer for Sergei Petrenko's criminal organization before Day 1.

As part of a deal with MS-13 leader Smiley Lopez, CTU agent Jack Bauer was forced to go undercover with Petrenko's group posing as drug distributor Felix Studhalter, in order to deliver Petrenko's meth shipment to Lopez. Jack phoned Malenkiy and arranged to meet him and Petrenko at a safe house in Santa Monica, north of Main Street. After Jack arrived and Malenkiy determined he wasn't wearing a wire, Petrenko said that the three of them would drive to the meth lab in the mountains, where Jack would receive the drugs and a truck to transport them. On the way, Petrenko directed Jack to a condominium complex where they picked up Franko, another gang member whom Jack had fought off earlier in the day but didn't immediately recognize him. The four took Pacific Coast Highway to Topanga Canyon, eventually reaching the cabin outside Topanga where the meth was manufactured. Jack met the group's chemist, a blonde woman with whom Petrenko was infatuated.

As the deal was about to be concluded, Petrenko received a call on his satellite phone from the real Felix Studhalter, whom Peter Jiminez had let go in order to sabotage Jack's mission. After hanging up, the gang members overpowered Jack, ignoring his insistence that he didn't intend to bust them, and Petrenko directed Malenkiy and an associate to take him to the ridge behind the cabin to be executed. Before Jack could make a move, the blonde woman - actually undercover FBI agent Sue Mishler - shot Malenkiy with a taser, then kicked his partner over the edge of the cliff. Malenkiy pulled the wires out and tried to shoot at Jack, but Jack punched him in the face, sending him over the edge after his associate. (Chaos Theory)

Background information and notes[edit | edit source]

  • Malenkiy is described as very short, with a hawklike nose and thinning brown hair like Petrenko's.
  • It is unclear whether the fall over the precipice into the barranca would be sufficient to kill Malenkiy, as he had intended to shoot Jack and dump his body over the edge.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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