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Manuel Hector "Manny" Coto is a writer and executive producer on 24. Together with Evan Katz he served as showrunner for 24: Live Another Day. Coto, along with Katz, created the 24 spin-off series 24: Legacy.


Coto graduated from the American Film Institute and went on to write and direct for many television shows. In 1999, Coto met Howard Gordon on Strange World, a television show Gordon and Tim Kring created. Coto wrote several episodes for that short-lived show.

Coto has much experience in the fantasy and science-fiction genres, having created the series Odyssey 5 and writer and co-executive producer during the 3rd season of Star Trek: Enterprise. He was promoted to Executive Producer and show runner of Enterprise's final 4th season. Working on Enterprise, he became acquainted with the show's creator and executive producer, Brannon Braga. Following the end of Star Trek, Coto brought Braga to the 24 writing staff as his writing partner.

Coto and Peter Weller (Christopher Henderson, Season 5) have worked together together on three previous occasions: Weller starred in Showtime drama Odyssey 5 which Coto created and produced, and guest starred in two episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise which Coto was Executive Producer of during its final season.

Manny's younger brother, Juan Carlos Coto also joined the writing crew in the seventh season.

Manny passed away on July 9, 2023 of pancreatic cancer.

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