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Manuel "Manny" Escobar was an acquaintance of Victor Aruz and fellow smuggler prior to Day 8.

Before Day 8 Edit

Manuel, Victor Aruz, and Mauricio Tellez were hired by Russians to get a contract killer into the United States. They were successful but the killer and his crew suddenly turned against them. Escobar and Tellez were murdered, and Victor was targeted as the first hour of Day 8 began.

Day 8 Edit

At 4:00pm, Victor Aruz arrived at an apartment to meet with Manny. As he came into the apartment, he called for him but he didn't respond. When he checked the shower, he found Manny dead with a shot in the forehead. This drove Victor to make a call warning Mauricio, only to find out he had been killed as well.

Live appearancesEdit

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